Do I Have To Apply Again For NSFAS If I Go From TVET College To University?


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a lifeline for many South African students, offering financial aid to attend both public universities and TVET colleges. With different educational paths, a common question arises: Do you need to reapply for NSFAS funding if you transition from a TVET college to a university?


Thinking about continuing your education at a university after completing a program at a TVET college? The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) can help!

NSFAS offers bursaries and loans to eligible students enrolled in public universities or TVET colleges across South Africa. Whether you're pursuing a certificate programme at a college or an undergraduate degree at a university, NSFAS can ease the financial burden of your education.

NSFAS provides financial aid to deserving students from underprivileged backgrounds, making university a reality. But a common question arises: Do you need to reapply for NSFAS if you're transitioning from a TVET college to a university?

Must You Reapply For NSFAS If You're Going From TVET College To University?

Many students choose to build upon their TVET college qualifications by enrolling in a university programme. The good news is that NSFAS supports this academic progression.

As long as your TVET qualification is considered a certificate and your university programme is an undergraduate degree, this transition falls under an approved NSFAS pathway.

The NSFAS Eligibility Criteria and Conditions for Financial Aid says:

Students who change institution types (i.e., shift from TVET College to University or vice versa) must re-apply for funding.

NSFAS funding is limited to a student's first certificate or undergraduate qualification. This means that even if you received NSFAS funding for your TVET programme, you will need to reapply for funding when transitioning to a university programme.

While NSFAS supports your academic journey, it's important to understand the application process

How Submit Your NSFAS Application

  1. Create a myNsfas account 
    • If you have an existing myNsfas account, click on 'login' when going to myNsfas and complete your information
    • If you don't have a myNsfas account, click on 'Create account'
  2. Log into your myNsfas account
  3. Click on 'Apply'
  4. Answer the questions on the screen
  5. If necessary upload any supporting documents (often you don't have to!)
  6. Click on 'Submit'
  7. You will then receive an application reference number

NSFAS goes beyond just tuition fees. They offer a variety of NSFAS allowances to help cover expenses like finding a place to live (accommodation), getting to and from classes (transport), buying textbooks and other learning materials, and even everyday living costs.

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