NSFAS Confirms May 2024 Allowance Payments



More than one million students will receive NSFAS allowances in May 2024. Here's how much these payments will be. 


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has announced the allowance amounts for May 2024. NSFAS is essential in helping students from low-income families pursue higher education without financial burden.

NSFAS offers comprehensive bursaries and student loans to eligible students enrolled in accredited universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college courses. This funding covers tuition and registration fees and includes allowances for food, accommodation, and learning materials.

Allowances Provided By NSFAS

  • University students receive an annual living allowance of R16,500, which includes R3,045 for personal care and R13,455 for meals.
  • TVET college students receive an annual living allowance of R10,000.
  • University students are also eligible for a learning material allowance of up to R5,460, while TVET students’ allowances vary based on their courses.

Special provisions exist for students with disabilities, who receive higher living allowances and additional funds for learning materials. However, some TVET students may only receive allowances during simulated training periods.

NSFAS Allowances for May

NSFAS divides meal and personal care allowances into 10 monthly payments. In May, students will receive R1,345 for meals. Those in catered accommodation will receive an additional personal care allowance of about R300.

Students living more than 10 km from campus are eligible for an annual transportation allowance of R7,718, translating to a monthly travel allowance of R771. 

If the institution does not arrange travel, this allowance is paid directly to the student.

It is crucial to maintain academic eligibility to continue receiving NSFAS funding

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