NSFAS Extends 2024 Applications


More than one million students could be funded by NSFAS in 2024. This number could increase after the financial aid scheme extended 2024 applications. 


Are you interested in applying for an NSFAS bursary? Or perhaps you still need to submit some NSFAS documents? Well, we have some exciting news! The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has announced an extension to the closing date for 2024.

We're thrilled to share that the application window for NSFAS funding for the 2024 academic year has been extended until February 15, 2024. This extension offers another opportunity for those who missed the initial deadline to apply.

According to a recent statement, NSFAS has received a total of 1,745,226 applications on myNSFAS by the end of January. Here's a breakdown of the applications received:

  • 940,682 are provisionally funded.
  • 269,915 are awaiting evaluation.
  • 48,643 have been withdrawn by the students.
  • 232,559 are in progress.

136,531 applications are in the NOT-STARTED status, as applicants only created profiles but did not submit applications.

NSFAS has rejected 102,201 applications, with 1,093 NSFAS appeals lodged so far.

NSFAS Consent Form

Applicants are reminded that it's mandatory to download and upload a completed consent form. This can be done through the website, myNSFAS portal, or mobile app.

The NSFAS consent form is necessary for NSFAS to verify applicant information with third parties, including employment status and income levels of parents, guardians, and spouses.

Applicants with the following NSFAS statuses must await an SMS or email from NSFAS for further instructions on the Consent Form

  • Awaiting Evaluation
  • Financial Eligibility
  • Application in Progress

Sassa beneficiaries, however, are exempt from submitting an NSFAS Consent form, as they won't undergo financial eligibility checks. These beneficiaries are immediately approved for NSFAS funding.

NSFAS Loan Scheme

Applications for the NSFAS loan for missing middle students are also open and will close on 15 February 2024. 

Students who already applied for the NSFAS bursary scheme need not to submit a new application for the student loan scheme. All students who did not meet the bursary scheme eligibility criteria, however, meet the loan scheme eligibility criteria, will be automatically offered a loan for their consideration.   

NSFAS loan applications can be submitted on the NSFAS website.

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