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How to apply for jobs at FNB

Sunday, 10 October, 2021 - 19:30

Do you want to work for First National Bank (FNB)? Let us walk you through the process of how to apply to work at FNB.



How to apply for jobs at FNB
  1. Head to the FNB career site
  2. Log in/register an account
  3. Browse available vacancies
  4. Apply!

Easy enough, right? Let's look at each step a little more closely though.

1. Head to the FNB Career Site

Only applications via the FNB Jobs Site will be considered. While the vacancies might be advertised elsewhere, you will always be requested to apply via this site. No applications outside of this process will be considered.

2. Log in/register an account

In order to apply, you'll need to have an account. Signing up is a free process, so all it will take is a little bit of your time. Fill out your information and you're all set!

3. Browse available vacancies

Now you're ready to start searching for your dream job! The FNB career site allows you to search for jobs by country, franchise, field and more. You'll be able to view the job requirements and other information.

4. Apply!

Once you've found the job you want, it's time to apply! Simply hit "Apply now" and follow the prompts.

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Does NSFAS Fund Rhodes Students?

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 15:28 Author Saarah Richards

If you are a student at Rhodes University or are considering going to Rhode, but you need help funding your higher education, it may be possible that NSFAS can help. 



The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), is a government bursary scheme that provides funding for underprivileged students who wish to attend universities or TVET colleges.

But, do they fund Rhodes University?

The answer is yes, they do fund Rhodes University

NSFAS funds students who are looking to attend or are attending any of South Africa's 26 public Universities and Rhodes University is one of them.

Rhodes University student that are funded by NSFAS receive the following allowances :

  • Once off book allowance for textbooks and other learning materials (usually up to R5200 per year)
  • Meal allowance (usually R15 000 paid over 10 months)
  • Travel allowance for students staying at home (usually R7500 paid over 10 months)
  • Accommodation allowance, for students staying at Rhodes Privately Owned Student Accommodation. (usually up to R40 000 paid over 10 months)

The requirements to be funded by NSFAS are:

  • You are a South African citizen
  • Financial constraints which doesn't allow you to fund your own studies such as: 
    • Having a combined household income that's under R350 000 per year
    • You have a disability and your combines annual household income is less than R600 000
    • You are a SASSA grant recipient
  • You are applying to get a formal qualification from a public university or TVET College
  • You passed grade 12 
  • You do not already have a degree.

To learn more about NSFAS, go to the NSFAS website here.

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Erasing Historic Debt is Doable And a Task Team is Not Needed - SU Prof

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 13:44 Author Saarah Richards

After Minister Blade Nzimande announces that he is working on a task team and says 'there is no free education for all', a Professor from Stellenbosch University comes to believe that there is a sustainable solution for the issue of free education, and a task team is not part of the solution. 



After promises of free higher education by former president Jacob Zuma, students have been protesting every year over the unkept promise.

Minster of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande is currently working to put together a task team that will hopefully come up with a more permanent solution for this ongoing problem.

Minister Nzimande, however also said, "The government has met it's deal. Now that gets lost in the process. In other words, we will be funding all those students who qualify and will have been accepted into a University or a College who come from this. There is no government policy which says 'free higher education for all', I want to make that clear", making sure that he gets his point across to the students of South Africa. 

Prof.  Jansen, of Stellenbosch University, however says the task team is a waste of time, 

There is a solution that is sustainable, but I don't think we will be able to get there by having yet another task team.

He continues to say that a task teams only delays the inevitable process of needing to restructure the nations economy, erase student historical debt and manage it better in the future.

The only party that can fully resolve the problem seems to be the government but, unfortunately, the government is not willing to take on the issue. 

Prof Jansen says:

Erasing the historic debt is doable and a task team is not needed.

It is beneficial for the government to restructure the national economy and to erase historic debt because, higher education will work as a great advantage to the future of South Africa.

Prof Jansen believe that the government needs to reprioritize the budget and discuss what is really needed in the country.

He says that corruption is the biggest money sucker of our country and resolving that will result in the best possible solution. 

The initial plan was for a contingent loan to be provided to students, and if gone with that original plan we wouldn't have the problem of the missing middle and more students would be funded.

Though it seems like the government is doing all it can, Prof Jansen believes that there is a problem of adequacy around how the issue should be dealt with. 

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The Community Calls for The University of Zululand's VC to be Removed

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 12:10 Author Saarah Richards

After the community calls for the removal of University of Zululand's Vice-Chancellor, the university says the communities accusations are a one-sided view of things. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor then goes on to explain what the university is doing to better the situation and why everything they are being accused of is necessary. 



The community is requesting for the removal of University of Zululand's Vice-Chancellor, accusing her of being a dictator and not providing beneficial work opportunities.

The community has accused the university of not providing beneficial work opportunities at the university but, the university has responded saying that this is a one-sided view.

The university says the accusations against them creates misconceptions about how the university is governed and the role that is played by the vice-chancellor.

Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sipho Seepe responded by saying: 

Firstly, we are not an employment agency and when we employ, the rule of law governs us

The deputy vice-chancellor then continues to say that they, "invite people from all over to apply at the university otherwise the university will no longer exist".

And, "the community cannot expect the university to start breaking the law by not following certain rules and regulations given by the government and with regards to the requirement of the work that need to be done.".

The vice-chancellor was also accused of being a dictator and of sitting on council and other committees. Prof. Seepe responded saying: 

Unfortunately, that is actually true.

Then explains that her involvement is governed by the university and is necessary as the principle of the university and part of the law.

After being accused of not working with the community to improve of the development on KwaZulu-Natal, the deputy vice-chancellor ensured that the university has been in works with the city's municipality about helping with the water crisis that the province might face.

There is also a memorandum of agreement in works, with the business sector at the university saying what the university can do to advance local economic development and help build a better future for the community.

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TVET Colleges Might See Some Changes In the Future

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 11:29 Author Sakinah Samuels

You read right, the Department of Higher Education plans to improve the TVET system and wants TVET Colleges to be at the forefront of higher education. Minister Blade Nzimande has said that they are looking to resolve the issues within the TVET system and will also be making some changes.



The Heher Commission has said that TVET College students are in desperate need of support. They further said that TVET Colleges are severely underfunded.

In response to this, the Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, said:

We have paid a lot of attention to TVET Colleges. In 2009, when the colleges were transferred to my department, we doubled the intake by 2013. We introduced NSFAS for the first time in the TVET system. The problem is there is not enough colleges and capacity.

The reason this issue has not yet been dealt with? Well, Nzimande explained that government budget has not allowed them to do so.

South Africa is said to have over 700 000 students at TVET students and over 1,1 million at Universities. The Minister has said that we should be ideally be having three times more students at TVET Colleges than we have at Universities because this is what the rest of the world looks like.

"Part of the reason we are having so much pressure at universities, is because we do not have an option of TVET Colleges," said Nzimande.

Here's what the Minister recommended:

We want to have an apprenticeship based TVET system where a student does not go to college first to be admitted, but gets taken in a workplace and be an apprentice and then once or twice a week attend a college for theory. This is the system I'd like to see in SA.

He went on to say that there is an agreement in place which will see them now start pushing for this to happen which will then prompt government to release more funds to expand the TVET system.

The Minister believes that "TVET Colleges are our future".

Most of the TVET Colleges are continuing with their programmes at the moment and according to Minister Nzimande, here there are problems, they are being attended to but he says most of that system is now stable.

We have challenges in the TVET system, but we are addressing them, probably not at the speed we need to be addressing them. That is why I am saying we need more resources to be able to assist us to deal with the challenges in the sector.

Universities have also started introducing a teaching qualification specifically geared towards teaching within the TVET system.


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Protests Will Continue Moving Forward - UKZN SRC

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 11:06 Author Saarah Richards

The University of KwaZulu-Natal's SRC president confirms that protests will continue until students demands are met. Students are facing financial exclusion, because bursaries and financial aid schemes are not clearing them for registration.



As student protest continue across the nation, the University of KwaZulu-Natal(UKZN) are meeting with all relevant parties to discuss the way forward for universities in KwaZulu-Natal and possibly the rest of the country 

At UKZN's Westville campus university stakeholders, SRC members and other relevant parties are meeting to discuss a solution to the ongoing problem students are facing. 

Students are officially fed up with universities and the Nation Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for the ongoing issue of financial exclusion and historic debt.

UKZN Student Representative Council (SRC) president, says that they have been communicating with the universities management via email, but the responses they are receiving are shallow and aren't in the favour of the students. 

He says:

Students are very angry and have been showing their anger even towards the SRC.

Continuous meetings are being held on various campuses to figure out a way forward, while also meeting the students requests.

Students have complained about being misled by NSFAS, saying that their appeals are open when they aren't, resulting in students being financially excluded. 

Students are in years of historical debt because, they were told they are funded by NSFAS but, NSFAS aren't paying their fees, making it difficult for them to register every year.

UKZN has offered students a 50% discount towards their registration fees but, the offer was rejected by the students.

Going forward the SRC wishes to have proper consultations with all the relevant stakeholders of the institutions, but until then students are demanding that all academic activities be put on hold until the issue is resolved and they can all register

Protests have been confirmed to continue going forward and have already begun at UKZN's Pietermaritzburg campus.  


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Why You Should Study At Northlink TVET College

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 11:03 Author Terrique Faro

Northlink College is a nationally registered TVET under the auspices of the National Department of Higher Education (DHET). The DHET was created in 2009, in order to advance the national vision of a coherent, comprehensive and differentiated post-school system. This post school system must contribute to the lives of individuals, the national economy and to the development of an equitable and capable South African society. 



Why Northlink college?

  • Online Learner Management
  • 70+ Courses
  • Certified Qualifications
  • Qualified Educators
  • 20 000+ Students Annually
  • Several Awards Won
  • 2018 & 2019 Voted Best NCV College
  • 90% Graduates



Lack of NSFAS Allowances Pushes WSU Students to Protest

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 10:56 Author Sakinah Samuels

Students at the Walter Sisulu University have taken to the streets to protest over NSFAS allowances as well as admission and registration matters. The University has suspended all academic activities due to these protests.



Students are threatening to take current protest action up a notch should their demands not be met and have given WSU until Friday to provide an answer to their demands.

Within the memorandum of demands handed over to management, students are requesting that all NSFAS beneficiaries must be clear with immediate effect and that all students must receive their NSFAS allowances with immediate effect.

The SRC is also demanding that all students must receive R5200, which is the learning material allowance, as students can't survive academically without being equipped with their learning materials.

Academic activities at three Walter Sisulu University campuses (WSU) remain suspended as students have been protesting to have their demands heard when it comes to NSFAS allowances, student accommodation, University admission and registration.

The Secretary of WSU's Student Representative Council said:

We must rally behind a peaceful shutdown of the campus. 

Students are said to have been engaging with management since the beginning of the year but that these engagements have been failing and have not been leading to any solutions to the issues presented.

"We have been experiencing polite arrogance from manangement whereby we have agreed today, they will sit in a meeting tomorrow and revert on everything we have agreed on,"  he said.

These meetings, according to students, are wasting University resources and they no longer want to sit in the meetings. They have decided to instead hand over a memorandum of demands to the University.

The SRC has said that they also want a contact graduation because "management is exploiting Covid-19 for the benefit of savings".

Going to a graduation ceremony, it is the right of the student. Actually, it is the pride of the student after having been studying so hard ... we want our parents to feel proud of us. It is a moment for us to feel proud of the education we have acquired.

Another problem brought up is that of poor students who were unable to apply for NSFAS funding due to a lack of resources. 

Students therefore want provisions to be made for these students. 

The University has been closed since Monday.

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Study Early Childhood Development With Damelin College

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 10:56 Author Terrique Faro

Early childhood education sets the tone for children’s learning experience. This is the stage where they learn the most basic skills such as social development, emotional and cognitive abilities



This programme has been carefully designed to provide you with a deeper and more complex understanding of the knowledge, skills, and values required to be an effective Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioner.

We believe that being an ECD practitioner is one of the most necessary and rewarding careers available in education today. We have designed this programme to be informative, fun and practical, to ensure that you become an active learner. We have also made sure that you will learn what you need to know to be thoroughly prepared as a practitioner in this profession.

Help set the right foundation with a qualification in Early Childhood Development.

Register today! 

Revision Tips For Matric Exams

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 10:51 Author Conor Engelbrecht

With your finals looming on the horizon, you should probably be thinking about revising your work. But it can be difficult, so here are some revision tips for all you Matrics out there.

Everyone is different, and that means that there's no magical study method or revision method that works for everyone. However, there are plenty of techniques, tips, tricks and hacks out there. The trick is finding one that works for you.

That said, here are a couple of tips and tricks for you to try that could push you from a B to an A, or a C to a B, and so on.

Notes don't have to be pretty

Revision is supposed to be a quick process, refreshing you on the work you've done throughout the year. As such, the notes you revise from do not need to be works of art; keep it simple and you'll save time.

Use your study leave wisely

I know, I know. But it's true: when you've got a week off between exams, it's easy to put the revision off and just chill. Resist the temptation! Get up early (say 8:00 AM or earlier) and start working as early in the day as possible.

Revise in short bursts

Our brains are silly things; sometimes, it can difficult to stay focused on one thing for a long period of time. The best way to get around this is to revise in sessions of 45 minutes each, separated by 15 minute breaks.

Use your breaks wisely

Just because you're taking breaks doesn't mean you should just sit yourself down in front of the TV and veg out for 15 minutes. Take the time to stretch your legs, get yourself a cup of tea, a glass of juice, whatever. Get some fresh air and try to avoid watching TV or playing video games.

Form a Revision Group

Teaming up with friends can be a great way to revise. Working with others allows you to test one another and check your progress. Maybe one of your friends is great at Maths but sucks ass at History - share your knowledge! Team ups are always fun: just ask the Avengers, the Defenders, the Justice League, the X-Men, etc, etc.

No revising in bed!

Forgive the profanity, but you've heard the saying "don't shit where you eat", right? Resist the urge to revise while propped up in bed; sit at a desk or a table, where you can keep your space more orderly and avoid nodding off.

Practice makes Perfect

Past papers. You probably hiss at the very mention of them by now but they're worth it. Working through past papers is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for your finals; it doesn't matter how well you know the work if you don't know what kind of questions to expect!

Avoid the Worriers

We've all been there: we walk out of an exam room and we all start comparing answers. All of a sudden you hear that the answer to question 2.1.1 wasn't "4.5" or "3.2" but "Nelson Mandela" and you're left questioning yourself for the rest of the day. Try to avoid the post-exam debrief and definitely don't study with people known to go to pieces around exams.

Healthy snacks are where it's AT

Revision is taxing work. All that mental work takes a toll and that means it's important for you to stay hydrated and well fed. But avoid energy drinks (as best you can), candies, chocolates, soft drinks, etc. Stick to water, fruit juice and healthy snacks like nuts and dried fruit.

Your social life is dead

As sucky as it is, you need to accept that until you hand your very last exam paper in your social life is effectively dead. No parties, no nights on the town, nothing of the sort. Right now, your focus needs to be on revision and passing.

That said, the occasional chilled gathering of friends can be beneficial: relaxing and taking your mind off of exams for a couple of hours can leave you feeling refreshed afterwards. Just be responsible.

And there you have it: 10 top tips for Matric revision!


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NSFAS Accused of Being 'Unlawful' and 'Unconstitutional'

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 10:19 Author Saarah Richards

Last year NSFAS pulled funding from thousands of students for being dishonest and not meeting the NSFAS requirement, but after investigations have been done, NSFAS has been accused of being unlawful and unconstitutional. The methods behind defunding are being questioned.



In the 2020 academic year the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) defunded thousands of students because, they had a household income of over R350 000, which does not meet the main requirements of NSFAS.

This was however, said to be unlawful and unconstitutional of NSFAS, as student were not informed that they would be defunded before the time but, simply got an SMS on the day of defunding, leaving them in a very sticky situation.

The students that were defunded were accused of being dishonest on their applications and having a household income of above R350 000, while the requirement of NSFAS is that your household income is below R350 000. 

According to NSFAS, they worked together with SARS to investigate the situation, before coming to the conclusion of defunding the students. However Afriforum spokesperson, says they have proof that these students do meet the below R350 000 household income requirement. 

George Diamond, Afriforum Lawyer, says that the methodology used by NSFAS to assess the students household income was questionable. 

It is simply not true that NSFAS has information from SARS in which they based their decision, it was not correct.

According to Diamond, NSFAS made use of a credit dealer to assess the students household income and not SARS.

NSFAS was then also accused of giving money to many students that do not actually qualify for funding, while deserving students who really require the funding were getting cut. 

The lack of prior notification and the abrupt funding cuts to around 5000 students, was said to be unconstitutional and unlawful of NSFAS. The case will remain open until NSFAS provides proper reasoning for their sudden actions against deserving students. 


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Over 5,000 learners still not placed at schools in the Western Cape

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 10:16 Author GroundUp

The Department of Education says over 5,000 learners have still not been placed at schools in the Western Cape. Education department says many of the learners applied late.

By Marecia Damons



  • About 5,500 learners have not yet been placed at schools in the Western Cape.
  • Of these, 3,223 applied after the 2020 process had closed and 2,703 of the 3,223 only applied in 2021.
  • The Western Cape Department of Education says it is working daily to place the learners.
  • It says there are programmes available for learners who are unplaced and still at home.

About 5,500 learners have still not been placed at schools in the Western Cape, according to the Western Cape Education Department (WCED).

Department spokesperson Bronagh Hammond says that most of the learners were unplaced as a result of late school applications. “Of these learners, 3,223 applied after the 2020 process had closed for admission to schools. And 2,703 of the 3,223 only applied in 2021,” said Hammond.

The remaining 2,277 learners applied on time but are yet to be placed, she said.

The application process for 2020/2021 school admissions ran from 17 February 2020 to 17 March 2020. According to the WCED’s website, parents were to be informed of the outcome between 15 and 22 May 2020, and were required to confirm acceptance by 5 June 2020.

Bellville resident Mncedisi Sibayoni said he had not yet found a high school for his 13-year-old son, despite having applied on time.

Sibayoni said he had applied to three schools in Cape Town, and one in the Cape Winelands area. By May 2020, he had still not heard back from the schools about his son’s application. In June 2020, he received an email from the WCED informing him that his son had not been accepted at any of the schools he applied to because they were “all oversubscribed”.

Sibayoni said he was advised by the department’s district office in November to ask the schools to review his son’s application. “I did so, and [the schools] informed me that they placed my child on the waiting list and that he would get placement once schools reopened and if someone did not fill a place. I couldn’t really bank on that, so I sent the schools’ responses to the district education department,” he said.

Sibayoni again approached the department in January and was told to wait until mid February to give the schools an opportunity to offer placement to learners who are on their waiting list. When he did not get feedback from the schools, Sibayoni approached the school’s admission offices directly.

He said he was told that “they were waiting for instruction to be given from the Department” and that “any further communication must be done through the Department”.

In response to questions about Sibayoni’s son’s unsuccessful applications, Hammond told GroundUp they had not applied to three schools which were closer to where they live. But Sibayoni said those schools were not suitable or the medium of instruction was Afrikaans.

“My child is still sitting at home and time is running out.”

“The situation is traumatising for our son. All his friends are at school and they are communicating every day, so he feels that maybe there is something wrong with him,” Sibayoni said.

In her 2021 Western Cape Education budget speech, provincial education Minister Debbie Schäfer said there are 19,000 more learners at schools in the province than in 2020.

“With sustained increases in our learner numbers, our needs are not being met with the required increase in budget. This is something we have warned about for years now, yet people still jump up and down and act surprised when we have learners who are unplaced,” Schäfer said.

Meanwhile, Equal Education and Equal Education Law Centre made a joint submission on the draft school admissions policy, urging the Department of Basic Education to reconsider its “flawed admission administration system”.

The Centre called on the Department to set a reasonable timeframe by which all learners in the country must be inside a classroom.

“There is too little coordination and communication between education districts and schools. Districts often fail to keep accurate records of unplaced learners - which results in these learners falling through the cracks. There is an urgent need for effective cooperation and communication between key stakeholders,” the centre said.

Hammond said the Department was still placing learners at schools every day and that catch-up programmes were available for these learners.

This article was first published by GroundUp.

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Unisa Extends Deadline For All Assignments

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 10:13 Author Sakinah Samuels

Unisa has announced that they'll be extending the deadline for all assignments. Students are encouraged to complete their assignment as soon as possible and not wait for the last minute, which we all have been guilty of.



Fortunately for Unisa students, the University has now announced that they'll be extending the deadline for all assignments due to registration for the 2021 academic year being extended.

Assignments are now due on 12 May.

In a statement released by Unisa, they stated:

Due to the extended registration date, the university will allow the submission of all assignments until 12 May 2021 where the due dates of such assignments are before 12 May 2021. 

Unisa also made it clear that the due dates of assignments scheduled later than 12 May are not affected by this extension.

It's important to note that this extension is not for assignments for modules offered by the School of Business Leadership (SBL).

Although we have extended the due date for assignment submission, we urge all students who are able, to submit their assignments as soon as possible to reach the university before 12 May 2021.

Unisa 2021 Academic Year

Due to being massively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the University then had to make changes to the 2021 academic year.

RELATED: Unisa Makes Changes To 2021 Academic Calendar

If students saw changes being made to the assignments and assessments for the modules for which they are registered for, students will find this information in tutorial letter TL001 on the module site on myUnisa

Unisa has reassured students that, "We will continue to keep you informed of any further adjustments to the academic arrangements should this become necessary."

First time entering students are encouraged to register for the "first year experience" to get comfortable with Unisa processes.

The University also gave a pat on the back to students who successfully completed the 2020 academic year even with all the disruptions higher education saw in 2020.

Unisa Study Material

If students have not yet received their study materials, Unisa urges them to access them online. Even if your registration has not been finalised, you can still get your study material.

Unisa suggests that you download your study material to a PC / laptop / tablet and not to a phone.

Students can also use myUnisa to engage online with fellow students and lecturers and start the learning process.


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Get A Diploma In Grade R Teaching At Lyceum Correspondence College

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 09:57 Author Terrique Faro

A Diploma in Grade R Teaching is the minimum qualification for Grade R teachers. The purpose of the Diploma in Grade R Teaching is to develop teachers who can demonstrate general principles, as well as focused knowledge and skills appropriate for Grade R teaching.



Lyceum College was founded in 1917, and has a proud history of providing higher education distance learning in South Africa.

Over the years, they have empowered over 800,000 students to achieve their career goals, combining high quality education with flexible delivery and an innovative approach.

The qualification requires a depth of specialisation of knowledge, together with practical skills and experience in a Grade R classroom teaching context. As part of the qualification, students are expected to gain experience in applying such knowledge and skills in the context of working with Grade R learners in a school.

The primary purpose of this qualification is to empower teachers with the appropriate skills and knowledge to the curricula, and to optimise any teaching-learning situation.

Inspire the future generation.

Contribute to one of the most important years in human life!

Qualify as a Grade R Teacher with an accredited Diploma from Lyceum.

APPLY TODAY! Click here to apply.

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NSFAS Applications For Trimester & Semester Study Are Open

Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 09:48 Author Sakinah Samuels

Are you a TVET College students doing Trimester or Semester Study? Need financial assistance? NSFAS Applications for Trimester and Semester Study are open so apply now.



NSFAS applications for TVET College students doing Trimester and Semester study are now open.

This application cycle will close on 30 April.

Applications must be done online via for students who are able to apply for themselves. 

To apply, you will need to create or log in to your myNSFAS account.


You will need the following documents to apply:

  • Copy of your South African birth certificate (preferably unabridged) or ID which must have been recently certified
  • Copy of your parents/guardian's ID (or death certificate if applicable) which must have been recently certified
  • Copy of your parents/guardian's proof of income such as pay advice, letter of employment, pension advice or SASSA letter. These must have been recently certified.
  • Completed and signed Application form
  • Completed and signed Consent form
  • Applicants who are orphaned must provide a completed and signed Declaration Form.
  • Students with disabilities must provide a completed and signed Annexure A form

Students can also head to their College or a NSFAS walk-in centre for assistance with their application. Be sure to bring the required documents along.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides fully subsidised free higher education and training for poor and working class South Africans.

NSFAS offers bursaries to South African students who plan to study at public universities and TVET colleges. They cover funding for registration, tuition and allowances. 

RELATEDHow to Check Your NSFAS Application Status

Visit the NSFAS website for more information on NSFAS for TVET students.

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Aspen Business Analyst Graduate Internship

Bronwyn Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 09:07

Are you looking for a career opportunity with an organisation whose values you can live by? INTEGRITY, INNOVATION, TEAMWORK, COMMITMENT and EXCELLENCE. 

Opportunity Details Graduate Programme 2021 (12 Months Contract) 

The Business Analyst graduate will be employed on a graduate programme to advance their skills in Analytics as the person chosen will have this as their primary interest.

The Business Analyst graduate will go through a robust training process whilst being exposed to creating basic reporting under supervision.

They will be working under the guidance of an experienced analyst. 


  • Matric/ Grade 12

  • Must have a completed relevant Degree in Engineering /B.Com /B.Bus Science /BSc. Computer Science


Please submit your application via Direct Hire online platform, where the following documents are required (please merge them into one document for submission to allow for upload):

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Certified copy of your ID
  • Certified copy of your National Senior Certificate
  • Latest University certified/stamped academic transcript
CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR THE INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME ONLINE Opportunity Closing Date Monday, 19 April, 2021 - 12:00 Company Offering the Opportunity Aspen Article Categories Article Category Internships 2021 Tags Tags

Career Opportunities At AMPATH Laboratories

Bronwyn Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 08:54

As we continue to grow, we look for employees who are driven, have the right skills and are dedicated to continue the level of service we provide.



Opportunity Details

Current Career Opportunities At AMPATH

  • Branch Admin Officer
  • Motobike Driver
  • Lab Admin Officer
  • Driver
  • Marketer
  • Learner Technologist

and much more....


Applicants must have a South African ID or a valid South African work permit.

We do not accept any faxed or emailed CVs.

If we have not contacted you within 14 days, please consider your application unsuccessful.


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FNB Graduate Traineeship Programme 2021

Bronwyn Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 08:43

With FNB, you can be part of a company that offers you a career, not just a job. With a wide range of employment options and business areas to choose from, you are bound to find a perfect fit.



Opportunity Details Graduate Opportunity at FNB 2021 

REF# I IRC197475

1 First Place, Bank City, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa  Ends 31 Aug 2021

Experience and qualifications

Minimum Qualification:

  • Students currently completing their final year of university degrees in: Commerce (Accounting, Business Management, Finance, Economics etc), Actuarial Science, Maths, Statistics, Engineering, Marketing, HR, Industrial Psychology, Information Systems, Computer Science,
  • This is not an exhaustive list of degrees 

Trainee role is a developmental pipeline for key roles in business units.



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Career Opportunities At Transnet

Bronwyn Thursday, 15 April, 2021 - 07:29

Transnet has current vacancies available in Office Manager, Fire Fighter, Port Worker and Driver, Articulated Vehicle.  Apply by clicking on the link below



Opportunity Details Transnet Vacancies

Current vacancies listed below:

Fire Fighter

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Grade 12 (with Mathematics and Physical Science).
  • Fire Fighter 1 (SAQA/IFSAC - International Fire Safety Accreditation Congress) accredited.
  • Hazmat Awareness (SAQA/IFSAC) accredited.
  • Fire Fighter 2 (SAQA/IFSAC) accredited.
  • Hazmat Operational (SAQA/IFSAC) accredited.
  • First Aid (level 3) or Basic Ambulance Assistants Certificate.
  • Be in possession of a valid driver licence (minimum C1) with PrDP and in a position
  • Work Experience

Office Manager

Qualifications & Experience:

  • B-Degree (e.g. B Com, or Public Admin, etc.)
  • Post-graduate qualification would be an added advantage
  • Must have experience working in a large organisation providing high level support to executives, and highly competent in managing stakeholders and all Microsoft Office software packages (PowerPoint / Excel, etc).
  • Requirement of trust and honesty in the handling of finances as per the National Credit Act Amendment 19.
  • Must undergo Lifestyle Audit Standard requirements
  • Drivers’ license code 8
  • Travel as required by the busines

Port Worker x 50

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Matric with minimum of 2 years experience as port worker/ general worker

Driver x 18

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Matric with minimum of 2 years driving experience
  • Must have Code EC drivers license
  • Must have a valid PDP
  • Transnet's' 6 weeks internal drivers course would be an added advantage

Fire Fighter

Office Manager

Port Worker


Port Worker PE

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Latest Bursaries

WK Construction awards a number of bursaries, that cover the full cost of studying, to successful candidates in the field of BSc Civil Engineering.

Exxaro is inviting full time students to apply for a bursary. Students currently in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th academic year of study can apply for bursary opportunities in the following disciplines:
  • BSc Geology – 2nd academic year

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is offering bursaries to students studying in the following fields:

The Independent Field Advertiser (IFA) Bursary Scheme is giving academically deserving learners the opportunity to study further in their chosen profession.

IFA is a division of Clientèle Life. IFA is one of South Africa’s biggest network marketing companies.

All applicants will be notified via SMS of the status of their application by 30 June 2021

Founded in memory of the late Uyinene Mrwetyana, the Uyinene Mrwetyana Scholarship for Women is open for applications. 

The scholarship will be awarded to women students who are pursuing a degree in the Faculty of Humanities at UCT. Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of leadership in social justice and social activism.