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Any Field of Study

The Readers Unite Bursary Fund

Ruda Landman’s READERS UNITE brings together people who believe that the future of South Africa lies in educating its people.
To this end, we support the historic shift happening in our country at the moment. With the help of study loans, thousands of families are sending children to university for the first time ever, opening up a completely different future for them, and through them for the country itself.

GCR bursary

The GCR Academy offers bursaries to learners wishing to pursue relevant post - school studies in the further education and training colleges in Gauteng, as well as to learners wishing to pursue higher education study in a scarce or critical skill career at one of South Africa’s public higher education institutions. The bursaries are targeted matriculants from non fee paying schools within Gauteng and covers amongst others, tuition fees, books accommodation and meals. Beneficiaries must meet the minimum admission requirements.

PPS Bursary

2015 Dean Bursaries are awarded on financial need and academic record to full time University students in an effort to assist students financially to cover tuition and/ or text book costs for one academic year.

PPS does not award bursaries to students that already have other confirmed sponsors unless the alternative sponsor is a loan and not a bursary. If the student is in contravention with this policy, the bursary will be withdrawn and disbursed to an alternative bursary recipient.


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