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SAAFost Bursaries

The South African Association of Food Science and Technology has specilized field bursaries available, SAAFoST Matriculant Bursary, SAAFoST Journalism Bursary (Prof. Members only),  SAAFoST Undergraduate Bursary and SAAFoST - Part time bursary for SAAFoST Members - BSc Hon & Or B-Tech

The South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) Foundation is inviting interested learners to apply for bursaries in the field of Food Science and Technology.

SAAFoST Matriculant Bursary

De Beers Bursary Scheme

Students applying for the bursary must have intentions to study a mining related, as follows:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Mine Survey;
  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Engineering Geology to specialise in Rock Engineering/Geotechnical Engineering.
  • Metallurgical Engineering.

Harmony Bursary Application 2018

The Harmony Bursary Scheme accommodates students entering or already at Tertiary Institutions. Bursary applications are now open.

The following documents should accompany this application form:

A certified copy of your personal identity document
Certified proof of your results (if in grade 12, submit grade 11 December results and Grade 12 June results)
Full details of your academic transcript if already at a tertiary Institution
Your curriculum vitae/resume
The Objective Of The Harmony Bursary Scheme:

Standard Bank Bursaries

Standard Bank offers a number of financial aid opportunities, such as:

Derek Cooper Scholarship
Standard Bank Group Bursary
Standard Bank Group Undergraduate Bursary
Standard Bank Group Postgraduate Bursary
Namibia Bursary Scheme

Each financial aid scheme has its own set of requirements and conditions.

Bursaries are made available to students to pursue their studies at accredited institutions in the following fields:

UJ honours bursary

University of Johannesburg is offering an excellent opportunity to candidates in a specific department to complete their Honours Degree.
Students may only apply for a bursary if they accepted or conditionally accepted for an Honours degree in a host department.

UJ Bursaries are available in certain courses within the following faculties:

Financial Sciences
Health Science

The deadline to apply for an Honours degree is 31 October 2014.

Air Survey Company of Africa

Air Survey Company of Africa bursaries are offered to students who are studying towards a bachelor of science in land surveying. You must at least have completed your first year of study with good results.

Bursary application closes on the 31 October every year. You are advised to apply for Air Survey Company of Africa bursary earlier.

Metrology Institute NMISA Bursary

National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) offers Students Annual Busaries with an Opportunity for an Internship on Completion. The NMISA offers undergraduate bursaries at a recognised South African university. Upon completion, the bursars will be required to work one year for every year sponsored at the NMISA. Successful graduates will follow an exciting career at NMISA in the Science of accurate Measurement (Metrology). Bursaries are offered in the following fields of study: Engineering (Electrical/ Electronic, Mechanical), Materials Science, Physics and Chemistry.

National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme

To all the star gazing students, this opportunity has become available at NASSP - National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme.

Researchers from around the region have joined forces to create a cooperative, combined graduate programme, hosted at the University of Cape Town where South African students and students from around Africa and the rest of the World can study under the guidance of some of South Africa's leading scientists.

Three degree programmes are on offer:



Latest Bursaries

The FirstRand Foundation scholarship, to the value of R850 000, is available to previously disadvantaged South African citizens for postgraduate study outside South Africa in any discipline at an i


The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE) is facilitating full time bursaries for the academic year 2021.


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