Amazon Web Services Bursary 2023


Amazon Web Services Bursary 2023

Closing Date

Bursary Details

The purpose of the Amazon bursary aims to develop a talent pipeline for Amazon (AWS) in South Africa. Bursaries are awarded to students in fields relevant to the technology sector.

Only the following programmes will be funded:

Degree Programmes:

  • Computer Science,
  • Computer Engineering,
  • Software Engineering,
  • Information Technology.
  • Year level: Third year, fourth year and Honours in 2023.
  • South African universities only.
    Candidate Requirements

    StudyTrust, on behalf of Amazon, invites current students (third year, fourth year and Honours in 2023) with a keen interest in Amazon and software development engineering, to apply for this Amazon Bursary Programme. 

    Important: please ensure you meet the following eligibility criteria before submitting your application:

      Academic Achievement:

      • Current students who are consistently obtaining an average of 65% and above.

      Career Plans & Motivations:

      • Applicants must display a clear motivation for Amazon and the field of software development engineering, and are seeking an opportunity to be assessed for a full-time permanent role to start upon completion of their studies.


      • Successful applicants must complete an internship (during summer vacation), and participate in training opportunities at Amazon.
      • Successful applicants must commit to accepting a full-time permanent role if an offer is extended following internship assessment. Full-time roles start after completion of studies and applicants must commit to working in their full-time role for the equivalent number of years funded.


      • Only applications from South African citizens will be considered.


      Bursary Inclusion
      • Tuition
      • Residence/private accommodation
      • Subsistence
      • Stationery and books
      • A personal computer
      • Transport
      How to Apply
      • ID copy / Refugee permit
      • Consent form signed - Download it here
      • Mother proof of income / death certificate
      • Father proof of income / death certificate
      • Guardian proof of income (if applicable)
      • Profile picture
      • Proof of acceptance / registration
      • Proof of address
      • National Senior certificate
      • Full accademic record (if applicable)
      • Applications open 1 May and close 15 September. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, throughout the application timeline above.
      • Complete your application on StudyTrust’s online platform before the closing date of 15 September to be considered for a bursary to begin 2023.
      • After submitting an application via StudyTrust, shortlisted candidates will undergo an additional assessment with Amazon.
      • Carefully read the instructions on the Bursary Applications page before beginning your application.

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