Exxaro Bursaries

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Bursary Details

To secure talent for the future, we offer bursaries on the basis of a service-binding contract. Successful applicants will be obligated to work for us after graduation for a period equal to the tenure of the bursary.

We also assist bursars with administrative support, mentoring and practical work and visit our bursars on campus to track performance and keep communication channels open.

Annually, our top performing bursars are awarded at a prestigious event attended by executive management and coordinators.

What bursaries do we offer?
Bursaries are awarded to study courses aligned with our business needs. The following fields of study are on offer (BSc Engineering):

Mining Engineering
Mining Surveying (B Tech MRM)
Mining Technician (B Tech)
Geology (Hons compulsory)

Candidate Requirements

What do you need to qualify?

A minimum of level 5 for English First Language or a level 5 for English Second Language in Grade 11 or Grade 12.
A minimum of level 6 for Mathematics and a level 6 for Physical Science in Grade 11 or Grade 12.

For a B Tech course:
A minimum of level 5 for Mathematics, Science and English.

All applications must be for full-time studies towards an academic degree at an accredited South African university and applicants must be a South African citizen with a valid identity document.



Conditions of Bursary

How does the selection process work?
We mainly recruit learners at school or recently matriculated applicants who will commence as first year students in the next academic year. We also focus on selecting applicants from the communities surrounding our business operations, like Limpopo and Mpumalanga, but will also consider talented applicants from other regions.

We follow an annual selection process that commences in February and ends in March. During this period a bursary application form will be available on our website.

Bursaries for each field aren’t always awarded each year and are determined by our business need. Bursaries will only be awarded in fields of study listed above.

We only recruit students that are already registered on a needs-driven basis, determined by our budget and workforce influences. An opportunity will be provided for an exclusive selection process if there is a need for undergraduate of graduated students to fill our programme. We will liaise directly with relevant universities or faculties to invite students to participate.

The selection process
After you submitted your application the recruitment team will go through all the applications and select candidates who meet the requirements. Qualifying students will be contacted to proceed to the next phase of the selection process.

During the next phase applicants will be required to do a National Benchmark Test (NBT) and psychometric assessments. The NBT will measure your competency in academic literacy, quantitative literacy and Mathematics to evaluate your readiness for higher education.

Selected candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview at our Corporate Centre in Pretoria. Candidates will be notified within three weeks after the interview if they were successful. Successful candidates will be required to complete a medical examination before receiving their offer letter.

Bursary Inclusion

There is no better way to power up your possibilities than with an Exxaro bursary. The bursary includes:

Registration fees
Tuition fees
Book fees
Meal allowance
Residence fees
Cash allowance for miscellaneous expenses such as a laptop or calculator

How to Apply

Click link to Download Application Form

For more information visit Exxaro

Field of Study: Engineering & the Built Environment


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