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Ecuadorian Colombo Scholarships

Closing Date: 

June, 2019

Field of Study: 

Bursary Details: 

They are financial aid that is offered to foreign citizens of all nationalities.

They are aimed at foreign professionals who do not have dual nationality (Colombian), who are not residing in Colombia and who have admission to a face-to-face program of specialization, masters or doctorate of the Catalog of Academic Offer General Call 2019.

50 scholarships will be granted to citizens of all nationalities, with the exception of Ecuadorians, since there is a special call for Ecuadorians.

Travel expenses, admission costs to Colombian universities, air tickets, or any other expense not described in this call will not be covered.

Postgraduate scholarships

Please make the registration of the user, make sure to select the profile: Foreigner, so that the system allows you to access the call.

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Candidate Requirements: 


  • Be a citizen Foreign.
  • Not have Colombian nationality.
  • Not residing or having started studies in Colombia.
  • Not be over 50 years old.
  • Have an average of 4.0 out of 5.0 or its equivalent in the Colombian scale to apply the call.
  • Have a professional or bachelor's degree.
  • Have admission to at least a graduate program that is in the Catalog of Academic Offer General Call 2019.
  • The candidate can submit up to 3 letters of admission.
  • The documents must be sent in physical form to the ICETEX offices in Bogotá. Address: Carrera 3 No 18-32.
  • Virtual files or files that arrive at ICETEX will not be evaluated after June 28, 2019.
  • It is necessary for foreign candidates to carefully read the call and send to ICETEX only the required documents.
  • Authenticated or notarized copies are accepted, according to the authorities of each country of origin. No original documents are required.

Bursary Equiries: 


Conditions of Bursary: 

REGISTRATION Coverage of 100% of all of these costs awarded by the Colombian higher education institution (only for the academic programs that are included in the academic offer catalog, published in the call)
BOOKS ICETEX will grant four hundred twenty-five thousand four hundred pesos ($ 425,400) for books and materials. This value will be canceled when initiating studies and if the program lasts more than one year, this value will be canceled once for each year of studies that is completed.
HEALTH POLICY Medical and hospital assistance in Colombia that includes repatriation in case of disability or death. This assistance is only covered during the study period in Colombia and only the scholarship holder, is not extended to family members.
MONTHLY ESTIPENDIUM The ICETEX will support each foreign fellow with a monthly support for a value of three legal minimum monthly salaries in force, equivalent to $ 2,484,348 Colombian pesos, for the year 2019. * Note: For each year the adjustment will be made according to the increase of the minimum wage decreed by the Ministry of Labor of Colombia.
INSTALLATION EXPENSES The ICETEX will grant four hundred twenty-five thousand four hundred pesos ($ 425,400) in the first disbursement, for a single time, during the duration of the academic program.
VISA The ICETEX will send letters to the consulates of Colombia abroad for the issuance of the "V" type courtesy visa (visitor) to the selected foreign scholars.
UNEXPECTED The ICETEX will grant two hundred and twenty one thousand three hundred and eighty four pesos ($ 221,384) for contingencies. This value will only be canceled once during the entire program of studies and exclusively for reasons of force majeure, which must be justified before the ICETEX.

How to Apply: 



The letter of preadmission or definitive admission to the academic program must be issued by the Colombian university to which the foreign candidate applied, and must specify the start and end dates of the academic program. The candidate can submit from one to three letters and must establish the order of priority of each academic program. All admission letters should be for programs that begin in the second semester of 2019. Admission letters will not be accepted to programs that begin in 2020, or in later years.


  • This letter must be issued by a professor at the university where he completed his undergraduate or undergraduate studies. This letter must be dated 2019. No letters from previous years will be received.


  • Present the certificate of the Spanish language proficiency test (DELE), which must have a minimum B2 level or another certificate that supports the level of Spanish language (spoken and written).
  • NOTE: This document is only required for citizens from non-Spanish-speaking countries. If the candidate comes from a non-Spanish-speaking country, but has a university degree from an institution in a Spanish-speaking country, it will not be necessary to present the DELE.


  • Document certifying undergraduate or undergraduate studies in which a minimum average of 4 out of 5 or its equivalent to the Colombian scale of grades must be accredited. It is necessary that the university where he studied must certify the scale of qualifications where the minimum passing grade is recorded, in order to be able to establish a comparison with the Colombian qualification system. This document may be evaluated in Spanish or English, if your original language is not one of these two, you must attach official translation to Spanish or English.

Academic essay of maximum two (2) pages that argues the importance of studying your study in Colombia and the impact it will generate for your personal, professional development, and application upon return to your country of origin.


  • Copy of the first page of the current passport (valid for at least one year). This copy must be from the page in which the applicant's information and the photo appear.


  • The copy of the diploma must be certified by the university of origin or it may be notarized. IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT attach a copy of diplomas, short courses or workshops.


  • Resume document that references undergraduate, postgraduate and professional experience studies. It can be in any format, but maximum of two pages.


  • The health certificate must indicate your state of physical and mental health. It can not be longer than thirty days at the time of applying to the call. It must have the signature and seal of the doctor who issues the certificate.


  • At the beginning of the application, the candidate must complete the virtual form found in the link: https://portal.icetex.gov.co/Portal/Home/HomeEstudiante/becas/programa-de -reciprocity-for-foreigners-in-colombia / IMPORTANT: Once completed this form, the candidate must select the option "Save" that is at the end of the form. Then you must choose the option "Send" for the application to be received in the system, this option generates the documents "Certificate and summary of application". The candidate must select the option "Print" immediately. Then a file is generated that must be saved and printed by the candidate and included in the application file that will be delivered to the offices of the Institute for the Promotion of Human Talent at the national level. The candidate must be registered in the system to be considered and evaluated, therefore, he must deliver this document in his file along with the other documents requested.


  • Certifications of professional experience of at least one year are required. These must contain the positions performed, the duration and the functions performed. (It is valid to attach certifications of internships, practices or labor contracts).