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Embassy of France Scholarships


Closing Date: 

January, 2021

Field of Study: 

Bursary Details: 

The Embassy of France is offering scholarships to South Africans who wish to pursue Master’s or Doctoral studies at French higher education institutions, starting in academic year 2021.

The France - South Africa Scholarship Programme is directed to South African students who intend to study in universities or higher education institutions in France for their Master’s degree or PhD. This call for applications is open for students who intend to start their studies in France in September 2021.

The list of the laureates and the waiting list will be announced in March 2021. Due to the differences between the Southern and Northern hemisphere calendars, laureates will follow a specific programme in South Africa from March to July 2021. This track will include online French courses organized by the network of the Alliances Françaises. It may also include an internship in French Companies based in South Africa, depending on the opportunities and the profile of each laureate.



Conditions of Bursary: 

  • In case the studies are interrupted, the scholarship will automatically be suspended.
  • The visa granted for the student does not lead automatically to visas for members of his/her family.
  • The scholar benefits from priority access to student housing via Campus France. However, this is not guaranteed as the demand for this type of accommodation is considerable.
  • The social protection is only provided for the duration of the scholarship and includes risk of infection and diseases, risk of accidents and liability insurance, with the exception of diseases contracted before arrival in France.
  • One return plane ticket will be granted by the scholarship programme, but will not be available for family members.

Bursary Inclusion: 

The scholarship provides a monthly allowance to pursue studies in France (covering living expenses). It also includes social security coverage for the whole stay in France, exemption of tuition fees (up to 5000€), priority on accommodation in student residence and one round-trip air ticket to France.

The monthly allowance granted is approximately 700 Euros for a master students and 1060 Euros for PhD students.

How to Apply: 


The complete scholarship application file must be submitted online only. For this purpose, each candidate must:

  • create a member account with a valid email address after accepting.
  • fill in the forms online.
  • upload all the requested documents

The member account (login and password) allows you to take your time to complete and finish the process before the deadline. Make sure you provide all the necessary information and documents before the final submission.

To open an account, you need to provide some key information (identity, address, valid email address and a mobile phone number) Please double check that the provided information is correct before you submit, as they cannot be modified later.

The website is accessible on all platforms but it is recommended that you process your application on a desktop. Applicants are responsible for any errors in their applications and that may result in not being eligible.

Please be aware that the online application does not support special characters such as apostrophes ('). Do not use them while filling out your application as it would cause the erasement of all entered data.


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