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ENGEN Bursary Opportunity


Closing Date: 

June, 2017

Field of Study: 

Bursary Details: 

Engen is opening bursary opportunities for students with an interest in BSc and BCom Degrees.Engen bursary opportunities are open to current students and prospective students in various BCom, BTech and BSc degrees. As such, students currently at university studying towards any of the degrees listed below and matric learners who intend to follow any of the degrees below may apply.

■BTech Degrees: ■BTech in Credit Management.
■BCom Degrees: ■BCom Transport;
■BCom Procurement;
■BCom Credit Management;
■BCom Forensic Auditing/ Accounting; and
■BCom Marketing.
■BSc Degrees: ■BSc Chemistry;
■BSc Information Systems;
■BSc Chemical Engineering;
■BSc Environmental Science;
■BSc Civil Engineering;
■BSc Metallurgy;
■BSc Industrial Engineering; and
■BSc Mechanical Engineering.

How to Apply: 


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