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FNB Bursaries

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Bursary Details: 

The bursary programme focuses on the provision of funds for students studying commerce and science degrees.

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We have identified a need for greater access to tertiary education among financially deserving students who show strong academic potential.
To this end we have partnered with reputable bursary service providers to offer access to education, as well as providing extensive mentorship and support to the students.

FNB has invested in the following Bursary Schemes:

African Scholars Fund
Click link to Apply
Further Education and Training Colleges
021 689-9094

Career Wise
Click link to Apply
Commerce, Science and Engineering
011 484-7505

Rural Education Access Programme
Click link to Apply
Commerce, Science and Engineering
021 696-5500

SAICA Thuthuka Bursary Fund
Click link to Apply
Accounting Only
086 107-2422

South African Actuary Development Programme
Click link to Apply
Actuarial Science Only
011 642-2202

Study Trust
Click link to Apply
Commerce, Science and Engineering
011 726-5604

Tertiary School in Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration
021 532-2750

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Conditions of Bursary: 

There is no work-back or pay-back condition on the bursaries; these funds are a pure investment by FNB towards developing future leaders.