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National Arts Council of South Africa (NAC) Bursary


Closing Date: 

January, 2020

Field of Study: 

Bursary Details: 

Bursary applications for arts funding for 2020 from the National Arts Council of South Africa (NAC) are now open for post graduate students who are involved in arts studies, together with registered education and training institutions that provide tuition in the fields of theatre, dance, crafts, literature, music and visual arts.

The NAC has two types of local bursary funding:

  • block institutional grants for undergraduate studies and
  • individual postgraduate funding.

Bursaries are offered to students studying towards an arts qualification. Bursaries are offered towards an Arts qualification at any institution of Higher Learning and Further Education Training levels in South Africa and abroad.

International bursaries will be offered only when there is proof that South African tertiary institutions do not offer the course or qualification applied for. Applicants who have been accepted at prestigious institutions may be considered. Post graduate qualifications will be funded on academic merit.

Students achieving less than 65% will not be considered. In the case where proof exist that tuition fees are already covered from other sources, funding may be directed towards accommodation, books and travel and subsistence allowance.

Candidate Requirements: 

Block institutional bursaries

Applications for block bursaries are submitted by institutional heads of department on behalf of their undergraduate students. Individual undergraduate bursary students cannot apply directly to the NAC. Institutional bursaries applications are earmarked for students at undergraduate level.

Individual postgraduate bursaries

Post graduates may be funded once towards a qualification in the Arts. Individual students may apply directly to the NAC for a bursary. Applications for part time studies may be accepted.

International bursary funding

The NAC may fund international studies at postgraduate level. These applications may only be approved if such qualifications are specialised and not offered in South Africa. Proof of acceptance must accompany all applications. The NAC will not be the sole funder. Students are advised to source other funding.

Conditions of Bursary: 

International Post Graduate Bursary applications now open.

Closing date 31 January 2020 at  17h00.

How to Apply: 

All applications must be made on the official NAC application form or through the Grants Management System through the NAC website or click link to Download Application Form



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