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SAFCOL External Bursary Opportunity 2020

Closing Date: 

November, 2019

Field of Study: 

Bursary Details: 

Bursaries are awarded for tertiary studies at accredited and recognised Institutions of Higher Learning. Applicants must comply with the entrance requirements of these universities and colleges, as well as its internal regulations for the duration of their studies.

The areas of study for which bursaries are awarded are determined by the Company’s strategic and operational needs as well as broader industry requirements. External bursaries cover registration and tuition, text books and other learning material, accommodation, meals and a stipend for each semester. On successful completion of studies, graduates are required to work back the period for which they received a bursary.

This bursary is awarded to those people who are intending /studying towards the following categories:


  1. Wood Science/ Wood Technology
  2. Construction/Structural Engineering & Management
  3. Human Settlement Development
  4. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering
  6. Agro-Forestry
  7. Forest Scientific Research
  8. Wood Lumber Research
  9. Marketing & Sales
  10. Business Management
  11. Human Resource Management
  12. Project Management
  13. Eco/Agro-Tourism

Candidate Requirements: 

Attach ALL of the following documents


  • Certified copy of a valid senior certificate.
  • Certified copy of the latest academic transcript or record on official letterhead or logo (if you are already at university or university of technology).
  • Acceptance / Admission letter from Institution of higher learning
  • Certified copy of a valid South African identity document.
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
  • Post completed forms to or hand delivered.

Application Form: 

How to Apply: 

1. Read carefully before completing, signing or submitting this form.

2. Ensure that this form is completed in full.

3. Complete in BLOCK LETTERS.


  • Ensure that this form is duly signed.
  • Application forms with incomplete information will be disqualified.
  • Application forms with incorrect information will lead to your application being disqualified.
  • No faxed application forms will be accepted.