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Stiglingh Memorial Bursary Scheme 2020

Closing Date: 

October, 2019

Field of Study: 

Bursary Details: 

The PSA annually awards study bursaries (minimum of R3 000 each to a maximum of R10 000 depending on availability of funds) to public servants and/or PSA members and their dependant children, who have been employed in the Public Service or have been a PSA member for at least twelve months on the closing date of the year in which a bursary is applied for.

Bursaries are awarded in respect of undergraduate or post-graduate studies part-time or full-time in Natural Sciences or Medicine, or for research on Natural Sciences or Medicine at a recognised South African University or abroad after successful completion of the first study year course or research project.

The number of bursaries is determined annually according to available funds and the number of qualifying applicants.

Preference will, however, be given to PSA members and their dependant children.


Candidate Requirements: 

Applications should include:

  • Letter of application
  • Full CV of applicant
  • Certified copies of academic record

Applicants must, where applicable, submit the necessary proof of membership of the PSA together with the application

How to Apply: 

Applications available at University career office


Bursary Equiries: 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 October at universities
Universities submit the applications from candidates in order of preference as soon as possible after the closing date, but not later than 15 January to the PSA.

Conditions of Bursary: 

For full-time or part-time students

Bursary Inclusion: 

Selection Process, Short-listing Interviews Selection decision