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Webber Wentzel Law Scholarship

Closing Date: 

November, 2019

Field of Study: 

Bursary Details: 

​​​We offer partial scholarships to dedicated law students in need of financial assistance. Scholarships are awarded to people who resonate with our values and who we believe have the potential to become successful lawyers with us in the future.

We will consider scholarship recipients for the Candidate Attorney Programme ​depending on their academic achievements, the existence of suitable vacancies and their performance in the recruitment process.

Applications for scholarships are open from 01 September and close on 30 November (annually). ​

Applicants for the scholarship must be:

  • South African citizen​s
  • Studying at a South African Institution
  • Registered for the penultimate year of study towards an LLB degree in the year the scholarship is awarded
  • Academically talented (minimum 65% ​average)
  • From a previously disadvantaged background or demonstrate financial need

Candidate Requirements: 

The Webber Wentzel Scholarship is awarded as a partial scholarship to assist students with expenses related to the completion of the last two years towards a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and will not necessarily cover all academic expenses for each year granted

Application Form: 

How to Apply: 

Attach the following documents to your application:

  • certified copy of ID
  • matric certificate
  • latest fee statement (detailed - reflecting all transactions)
  • academic transcripts of LLB degree up to and including ,ost recent exam results.
  • academic transcripts of any undergraduate qualification (and any other relevant qualifications)
  • a certified copy of Parent(s)/ Guardians/ Spouse or your latest income tax return OR latest pay-slip OR a letter from employers verifying income OR latest financial statement if self-employed AND/OR a certified copy of any other income e.g. pension receipts, bank statements, etc.
  • sworn affidavits for each of your unemployed Parent(s)/ Guardians/ Spouse.
  • a certified death certificate for each of your deceased Parent(s)/ Guardian/ Spouse.
  • If death certificates are not available you may attach sworn affidavits for each of the deceased. - a certified copy of the divorce certificate if your parents/ you are divorced or a sworn affidavit if they/you are separated but not divorced.