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2019 Bursaries


With a national focus on the cost of education, there are many bursaries available in 2019 for students who need help with funding their education.

In current times, a good job can be difficult to secure which is why it is so important to have a good education. However, not everyone can afford the expenses that a good education demands. Luckily, that is where bursaries can assist.

A bursary is a financial offering made by either a higher education institute, private company or government organisation to assist students, who cannot afford to pay for the education themselves, to complete their higher education studies. Bursaries are usually required to be ‘paid back’ in the form of work service to that organisation once the student has successfully completed his/her studies.

We are fortunate to have so many 2019 bursaries on offer for potential students to choose from across the country. Here are just a few examples:

Where to search for 2019 bursaries

There are hundreds of bursaries on offer each year in a wide range of disciplines. Unfortunately many go untouched each year. The key is to finding what bursaries are on offer and how to go about applying for the correct one of your choice. As well as here on the Bursaries Portal you can also look on our other website Careers Portal for more information on 2019 bursaries.


Latest Bursaries

The MultiChoice 2021 Bursary Scheme is now open and we are looking for driven, accountable and lateral thinkers currently studying towards select degrees.

Degree or qualification MultiChoice will sponsor:

Modern demographic shifts include changes in the way individuals earn higher education degrees. The traditional scholastic progression has students finishing high school around age 18, and then continuing directly to degree programs. Today, growing numbers of higher education students are earning degrees later in life.

The Maize Trust is offering bursaries to students wishing to pursue their Masters and Doctoral studies. The field of study must be relevant to the Maize industry.

The total amount of the bursary is R65 776 per year for two years for MSc students and R79 622 per year for three years for PhD students.

The Kuehne + Nagel Inzuzo Trust invests in the education and entrepreneurial development of young South Africans. The Trust is firmly committed to supporting the sustainable growth of South Africa’s economy, by facilitating the development of its young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Preferred fields of study:

Mercedes Benz invites students to apply for their 2021 bursary programme.