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The Advantages And Career Opportunities For Students



Varsity life is undoubtedly the best phase of every student. This is the time when you make new friends, create unforgettable memories, learn about new things in life and most importantly lay the foundation for a wonderful career ahead.

You may face plenty of turning points along the way that you will never realise until you have gone through it.

Let's look at the benefits of being a student:

#Creating lifelong friendships:

During your varsity life, we make our own decisions without the involvement and influence of our parents. Many students live in student accomodations and hostels away from their family. Studying together, living together, nurturing interest together, adjusting to conflicts and helping each other make the bond so much stronger.

#Student discounts and deals:

One of the biggest life saver that many students can take advantage of  receiving student discounts on almost anything. For example, the Varsity Vibe is South Africa’s first student discount app. This is an online app that is specifically for students on campuses worldwide. It offers students exclusive deals when they become a varsity member.

#Paid internships:

This is a great way for graduates to gain working experience from a specific professional industry. As an intern, a student can practice and improve their skills whilst learning how the job market operates. Today, an intern can work part time or full time at the company for a specified period of time and receive a stipend for their participation.

#Networking opportunities:

Another great benefit of the students being in university is that they gain the opportunity to network. Meeting new students, making connections and building relationships will all help down the line when growing up. Networking is important for university students to find jobs,career opportunities and would be a great tool that students can make use of. 

#Access to free online resource:

Students have access to many free resources of which they can use to their advantage. Having access to these resources allows students to take full advantage of free trials, samples, sales, and classes from these online sites. Many of these sites will offer free trials before purchasing the service.

Sometimes as students, we tend to focus our attention on  just completing our studies that we miss out on opportunities presented to us. The main goal of attending university is to put yourself in good stead for a job at the end of it. Being a student has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it is opportunities and life experiences that counts.


Latest Bursaries

The Head of Department of the Gauteng Provincial Department of Human Settlements hereby invites admitted under-graduate students to apply for bursaries to undertake full-time studies in the 2021 academic year.

Gauteng Department of Human Settlements is offering limited number of bursaries.

NAACAM, supported by MerSETA, is offering bursaries to 15 University of Technology Students. All qualifying applicants must be 2nd or 3rd year students at a University of Technology, studying Mechanical, Electrical or Electronics Engineering.


Closing date: 8 March 2021.

Converse is giving away R1 million towards student debt. Applicants can apply for the #KicktheDebt campaign or nominate deserving students. 

Closing date: 3 March 2021.

There are five scholarships available to South African citizens, all of which are for international postgraduate study. These are: 

African Housing Company (AFHCO) is holding a competition to give away a bursary worth R50 000. The R50 000 bursary will be paid directly to University of Johannesburg or Wits University. 

Closing date: 12 March 2021 (Entries received after 17:00 will not be valid and will be excluded from the draw.)