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Free Online Resources for Matriculants


The world nowadays is always changing, and so there are many resources available online. Through the internet, you can access these kinds of resources that would normally not be at your disposal. They can be very helpful. If you keep reading, you can find out more about what kinds of resources you can find. 


1. Past Exam Papers 

You can find past papers on the Department of Education's website. They have past papers of all subjects that matrics can work through before your final exams. 


There are many benefits of using past papers including:

  • Indicates what typical questions which may appear in exams
  • Identifying how much time each question will take
  • What type/style of exam questions to expect (multiple-choice, short/ long questions, or essay questions)
  • Helps individuals identify certain subject areas that require more focus 
  • Act as a guide and help improve your marks 


2. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is very useful for students to access academic literature that you may not have had access to from your school's library. You can access articles, academic books, abstracts, university sites, and many more. 



  • Easily accessible (
  • Provides reliable sources of information
  • Access to a wide range of online sources
  • Ability to save and read articles at a later stage 


3. Google classroom 

This online platform encourages student engagement and collaboration which can be a great help to matriculants when preparing for tests and exams. Your teacher will need to add you to a class and from there the teachers can utilize this platform by doing revision, providing you with practice question papers, and uploading any other relevant documents that will be useful. 


4. Blog posts

Blogs are more than just websites, they are online platforms that allow you to express, create and keep track of your thoughts. Students that have access to educational blog posts can enhance and have a sense of control over their learning by motivating them to become better readers and writers. 


5. Referencing sites 

Referencing is a major part of essays and it is an important tool to get right. There are many online sites you can use for referencing. Some of these include BibMeCitation Machine, and Citethisforme




Latest Bursaries

The Company has a programme to train students either at Universities, Universities of Techology and CETA Learnerships in order to ensure sufficient numbers of graduates and technicians for the company’s future needs. 

This formal education is followed up by on the job training and mentorship under the supervision of skilled, trained and professional people. 

The Fulbright Foreign Student Programme is inviting applications for the 2022-2023 academic year.

The South African Fulbright Foreign Student Programme provides grants for South African university graduates to pursue post-graduate studies at a United States university in any subject (excludes MBA and studies that require contact with patients).

For the past 19 years, the Thuthuka Bursary has funded academically talented African and Coloured learners and students who want to become chartered accountants [CAs(SA)]. If you are one of them, don’t delay applications for the 2022 intake have just opened.

ITVarsity could be the stepping stone to an amazing career for you. Enter their AppHustle competition and you could win a bursary to study at ITVarsity.

The #AppHustle is a competition like no other. If you win the competition, you will get a bursary to study at ITVarsity worth R25 000!

The bursary covers all your study fees, study content and assessment fees.

Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is a full university scholarship that provides extensive mentoring and leadership development for graduate students with a passion for teaching and education.