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How To Be Ready For International Scholarships

International Scholarship

Applications for some scholarships may not be open right now but it's a good idea to plan your scholarship applications well in advance.

Some of the things you could do in advance:

  • Gather and scan all your documents such as official academic records and certificates, and passport;
  • Identify possible academic references;
  • Prepare a research proposal;
  • Discuss your application plans with your family;
  • Discuss your plans with an academic supervisor
  • Start learning the language of the country you want to go to;
  • Research institutions and courses in the country;
  • Plan for any financial resources you may require;
  • Research the countries you are interested in.

All scholarships receive a large number of applications, meaning that only the strongest candidates will be awarded the scholarships.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not mean that you will get the award.

You are competing with all other applicants for a limited number of spaces, therefore you should submit your best application possible to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Plan your application well in advance and before submitting, read it, re-read it, and get someone else to read it to ensure that it makes sense and you avoid spelling or grammar mistakes that can cost you the opportunity. 

Applicants must meet similar or even higher entry criteria as required to get into a similar programme at a South African university.

A strong academic record is important, but so is a clear motivation for your application, goals for your future career and a commitment to social and economic development in South Africa.

Each scholarship has different application dates, criteria and eligibility.

Be sure to read the information documents carefully when they do become available!


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