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How to crush the competition and get that bursary


Why should companies invest their money in your future? With so many students looking for financial backing only those who can prove their potential to companies will be selected.

Every bursary has requirements and conditions. In order to win the bursary you have applied for you need to do more than just meet the requirements.

Here are 4 things you can do to make companies sit up and take notice of your application:

Apply early

Don't wait until the last minute or you might miss your window of opportunity. Early applications show that you are focused on your studies and eager to learn. It is also puts you first in line to be considered for the spot.

Earn good grades

Sponsors want to know that the students they select will be committed to their studies. Nobody wants to waste their time or money on a careless or lazy person. In order to earn this opportunity you need to prove that you are a responsible and hard working candidate and the easiest way to do that is through your academic results.

Sell yourself

With so many candidates to choose from one of the few ways you can set yourself apart is through a motivational letter. In this letter you can express your qualities, achievements and the reasons why you should be chosen. Sometimes companies will ask you specific questions about your career goals. This is the time to sell yourself to your prospective beneficiary.

Get your forms in order

Bursary applications often require additional documents such as your ID, matric results and proof of parents income. Make sure you have all the requested documents and that you have filled in the application forms correctly. Don't let a typo or missing document ruin your chances of success.

Stay in the loop

Don't wait to hear about bursaries from friends and family. Get the latest bursary opportunities right here on the Bursaries Portal and stay one step ahead!

By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing


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