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How To Crush Your Final Exams


writing exam

With the exam season right around the corner, I think now is a great time to talk about how to crush your final exams.

  1. Stop procrastinating and have a study plan. I know that sounds really obvious but it's also one of the biggest pitfalls of studying for an exam. The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to study for exams. Waiting until the last minute can get stressful and most of the time it can result in bad grades. The best way to stop procrastination is by prioritizing and having a study plan.
  2. Find an area where you can study. People have different preferences when it comes to study locations. Some people like to study in a quiet library or at home, while others like to study in a cafe with some background noise. In both scenarios you want to find an area where distractions are minimal so that means if you're easily distracted at home then maybe you consider studying in the library and alternatively if you're easily distracted by people then it will be better to study at home. 
  3. Change your study style for different subjects. Some classes require a lot of memorisation, while other classes require a lot of applications. 
  4. Study in groups and avoid stressful people. Having a productive group is making sure that everyone is on the same page. Anxiety can definitely play a big role in how people do an exam so it's best to avoid people who stress you out and stay as calm as possible before taking your exam. 
  5. Finally my last tip is to make sure to get enough rest. 


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