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Need funding for your studies?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Have you ever been asked this question?

Sadly many young people can not afford to answer this question honestly.

If you can, you are probably one of the lucky few who had the freedom to think about what you want to become without having to consider the financial cost. In an ideal world every young person would be able to decide what they want to be and pursue this dream wholeheartedly.

However the reality facing young people in South Africa very rarely matches this ideal. While there are many careers to choose from funding and support is one of the biggest limitations to pursuing a career.

Bursaries and other financial aid initiatives are offered by government departments, companies and private sponsors to provide previously disadvantaged young people with this opportunity. Online platforms like the

Bursaries Portal and the Careers Portal gives you access to these financial and career opportunities. Do you need financial aid? Which sector are you interested in? If your prospective career falls into one of the sectors below click the link to find bursaries in your field of study.

Don't let your circumstances or life's obstacles prevent you from doing what you really want.

Apply for these bursaries and become the person you were always meant to be. Engineering Science Commerce Humanities IT Law 


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