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NSFAS Bursaries - Your Questions Answered


We asked NSFAS to answer some of the most common questions about their bursaries, applying online and all other aspects of their funding.

  • In our evaluation process, we give careful, individual attention to each applicant. We seek to identify students whose family income is below R350 000 per annum.

  • Eligible students will receive confirmation of funding from NSFAS as soon as we obtain a proof of admission to study at any public college/university.

  • Applicants are restricted from studying at other private universities as we do not fund any of their programs.

  • You may apply today on our website as part of early applications, and you will be the first to get feedback. We will have to check from other institutions if you have been successfully admitted and you may have to wait until end of November to for us to make a final public college/university choice to where your funds will be paid.

  • It will take us four weeks to complete your application and send you the outcome of your application from the date you apply. Matriculants may be impacted by the release of the final results.

  • We will use your email address or cellphone number you give us to stay in contact with you duringthe process.

  • After you have submitted your application, you can update your email address in the myNSFAS self-service portal.

  • Your funding decision will be posted in the Status Portal online, and you will receive an email notification when the decision is available.





Latest Bursaries

Flywire aims to award a total of seven scholarships of $5,000 USD each. These scholarships will be awarded across different themes. 

These are the themes:

  1. Social justice
  2. Global citizenship
  3. Global health

Closing date: 21 June 2021

Sanlam is offering bursaries to scholars who have enrolled to study actuarial science.

If you are a whiz at maths, enjoy a good challenge by solving difficult problems and are willing to remain focused and disciplined through years of studying and training, then you are just who Sanlam is looking for.

Closing Date: 31 July 2021

Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is a full university scholarship that provides extensive mentoring and leadership development for graduate students with a passion for teaching and education.

The Old Mutual Education Trust (OMET) applications are open to all participating union members and their dependents. The funding from this scholarship will allow for the pursuit of any tertiary qualification at one of South Africa’s public higher education institutions.

The Oppenheimer Memorial Trust (OMT) awards a limited number of scholarships annually. These scholarships are for postgraduate study at public Higher Education Institutions in South Africa at Master’s, Doctoral and Postdoctoral level.