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Nursing bursaries in South Africa

What is nursing?

Nursing is a care-driven career, think of it as putting the 'care' in health care. The common way to understand the nursing profession is by comparing nurses to doctors.

Nurses work to understand and provide to the human needs of their patients, while doctors provide patients with treatment and medical procedures. 

If you're looking to go into a career that won't eventually be taken over by robots, nursing is the way to go.

How to get a nursing bursary

If you consider yourself as being able to provide care to others and perform physical duties, such as: administering medication, conducting physical exams and conselling, then nursing is the proffession for you. 

If you have a good academic record and you want to study nursing, there are provincial bursaries that are available.

Which bursaries can I get?

The Western Cape Government offers a limited number of bursaries to students wishing to study nursing full time. The bursary is only open to South African citizens in the Western Cape studying at an accredited Higher Education Institution.

The Department of Health in KwaZulu Natal also has nursing bursaries available to students intending to study towards a health-related degree/diploma. The funding for the bursary is dependent on the income of the applicant's parents. 

Application forms for the Western Cape Government bursaries are available online, while the apllication forms for the KwaZulu Natal bursaries are available for collection at provincial hospitals, clinics and municipal offices. 

Always make sure that you submit your bursary applications with the supporting documents required, before the deadline. 


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