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What is an academic bursary?


Are you looking for ways to fund your studies? Perhaps an academic bursary is the answer to your financial worries.

While financial grants are not easy to come by, it is worth every penny. Academic bursaries can be found in almost every field of study from engineering to journalism.

These bursaries can be sponsored by private companies, universities or government departments.

The number of bursaries made available by each entity varies. Companies in a particular sector are more likely to fund study programmes in that sector. For example Eskom is known for funding training in the engineering field.

The competition amongst prospective students to secure financial aid is high and individuals will often be placed through a rigorous application and interview process to obtain it. The bursary requirements can be strict and in order to apply students will have to meet the entrance requirements set by the benefactors.


Selected beneficiaries will then be expected to maintain a certain level of academic achievement, anything from a fifty to ninety percent pass rate, throughout the course of their study programme.

What The Bursary Covers

A bursary can either cover all or part of the varsity expenses including general costs like tuition, registration fees, exam fees, accommodation, meals, pocket money or computer allowance. In most cases students will not be required to repay their monetary grant once the qualification has been completed. This is one of the biggest benefits of an academic bursary and the reason why so many individuals strive to get one.

Terms & Conditions

However bursars will occasionally be obligated to work at the company responsible for sponsoring the grant after or during the course of their studies. This can be seen as a positive opportunity as graduates will have the chance to gain work experience, but it also means that beneficiaries will be prevented from seeking alternate employment opportunities until their grant has been repaid. It is important for potential beneficiaries to research the terms and conditions of the bursary before applying.

Students who accept the terms will in effect enter into a contract with the benefactor and will be expected to maintain their end of the bargain. Bursaries make it possible for hard working students who don't have financial support to further their education and pursue their careers.



Latest Bursaries

WK Construction awards a number of bursaries, that cover the full cost of studying, to successful candidates in the field of BSc Civil Engineering.

The Pharmaceutical Society Of South Africa (PSSA) is offering bursaries to full-time pharmacy students. Only students registered with a School/Department/Faculty of Pharmacy will be considered.

Students who apply for this bursary must be postgraduate students with a PSSA membership.

Founded in memory of the late Uyinene Mrwetyana, the Uyinene Mrwetyana Scholarship for Women is open for applications. 

The scholarship will be awarded to women students who are pursuing a degree in the Faculty of Humanities at UCT. Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of leadership in social justice and social activism.

Exxaro is inviting full time students to apply for a bursary. Students currently in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th academic year of study can apply for bursary opportunities in the following disciplines:
  • BSc Geology – 2nd academic year

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is offering bursaries to students studying in the following fields: