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Why are bursaries awarded?

Every year bursaries are granted for a variety of reasons. Whether students are funded by government, business or private sponsors they will need to meet the criteria set out by each benefactor.

This criteria is based on the motivation for funding and will affect which students are selected and which are excluded.

Here are the top four reasons students might be considered eligible to receive financial assistance.

Financing underprivileged students

This is probably the underlying reason for most bursary opportunities. In government especially the aim is to identify and finance needy students in order to broaden access to higher education. This means students are selected simply on the basis of the financial position of their household.

Top achievers are awarded

Funding opportunities are also made available for students who excel. Bursaries are offered as a reward or incentive for students to work hard in school and college. In this instance students are awarded based on their academic performance.

Promoting skills or industry

Bursaries can be used to encourage enrolment in a certain course or field of study. For example in South Africa there is a shortage of engineering skills. As a result both government and the private sector have made more bursaries available for students who want to pursue training in this sector.

Business gives back

Some organisations award bursaries as part of their Corporate Social Investment. The criteria for this funding may vary and in some cases preference is given to the children of employees. The aim of CSI is to uplift the surrounding community so businesses may look to support students in the immediate vicinity or those who are personally connected to the organisation.

If you fall into one of these categories there could be a bursary for you. Search for the latest opportunities on our site and find out if you qualify.