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A matric exemption is a legally required document for anyone who a obtained a Senior Certificate without endorsement or an equivalent foreign school-leaving qualification and wants to be admitted to an undergraduate program.

SASSA's Temporary Disability Grant lapsed on the 31st of December 2020 and applicants were told they need to re-apply. If you keep reading, you can find out how to re-apply. 


If you're not completely sure what marks you need to achieve to pass matric below, you can continue to read below! 


There are 3 different levels for matric, and here are the pass requirements for each level. 


If you are struggling to contact SASSA and are wanting to find out information about your grants or wanting to have your questions answered, you can read further to find out the details you need. 


SASSA Head Office


Now that matric results are out, you may be wanting to get your matric papers remarked. You can read below about how to do that. 


To complete your SASSA applications, you need to sign a declaration and a consent form. To find out where you can get these documents, you can keep reading! 


If you're looking to cancel your SASSA SRD application, keep reading as we give you a guide on how to do so.


President Ramaphosa has announced that the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant of R350 will be extended. SASSA released a statement elaborating on the details of the extension, including details such as that any approved applicants do not need to re-apply.  

Did you know that you can now apply for SASSA online? You can save time and effort by using SASSA's online application service. 


The different grants that SASSA provides to vulnerable South Africans include the following:

Harambee is a non-profit social organisation that focus on trying to come up with ideas and solutions to solve the global youth unemployment crisis. Harambee is a free programme for young South African students.