What Your ‘Payments’ NSFAS Application Status Means



Once you submit your NSFAS applications, NSFAS will allow you to see the progress of your application on myNSFAS. If you have been tracking your application then you may have seen the 'Payment' status, this is what it means.

The 'Payment' status means that NSFAS will be paying your allowances. The allowances will be paid through the NSFAS wallet. NSFAS does not have a specific timeframe in which your application status will change or how long it takes for the application to be processed.

You can monitor your application by using the myNSFAS student portal. Students who have had a successful application will receive the following allocated allowances:

University Allowances:

  • Transport (up to 40 km from the institution): R7 500  per year.
  • Living allowance: R15 000 per year.
  • Book allowances: R5 200 per year.
  • Incidental/personal care allowance: R2900 per year for students in catered residences.

TVET College Allowances:

  • Transport (up to 40 km from the institution): R7,350  per annum.
  • Transport: R7000 per annum.
  • Incidental/personal care allowance: R2900 per annum.

These amounts allocated may change depending on the NSFAS bursary budget

Students who will receive their allowances through the NSFAS wallet system can setup their NSFAS wallet by doing the following:

  • You will receive an SMS welcoming you to the NSFAS Wallet.
  • Once you receive an SMS, open it and verify your account by dialling *134*176# and replying with your ID number.
  • You will then receive a password that you will use when transacting. Note that you need to keep this password secure at all times! 
  • Do not keep or save your password on your cell phone and always keep your cell phone’s screen locked with a password or pin.

Click here for the NSFAS wallet guide