Matric is the final year of high school, and also the year that the final high school examinations are written. Learners are encouraged to find out more about matric subject requirements as well as the passing requirements.


The prospect of potentially failing, or not completing matric is one that many high school students grapple with, and under these circumstances, it is natural for students to search for alternative, quicker methods of passing their matric. These include searching for programmes that could help one complete their matric in less than a year to make up for lost time.  

Can I get a job without a matric certificate? The simple answer is yes! There are many alternative options for students who do not have their matric certificate yet.

The world nowadays is always changing, and so there are many resources available online. Through the internet, you can access these kinds of resources that would normally not be at your disposal. They can be very helpful.

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It is always said that having your matric certificate is a ticket to university education, as well as a key that can open many other doors. You can read below to read why a matric certificate is so important. 


Understanding the matric pass rates can be confusing so in this article, we break it down for you. 


In order to pass you will need to pass six of your matric subjects.

Higher Certificate Pass

Pass six of your seven subjects.

If you're not completely sure what marks you need to achieve to pass matric below, you can continue to read below! 


There are 3 different levels for matric, and here are the pass requirements for each level. 


A gap year is when students take a break after high school before embarking their tertiary studies. There is this misconception that  taking a gap year will make you forget everything you’ve learnt at school.