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How Long will NSFAS fund me?

NSFAS, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, funds students for their studies from money they receieve from the government. If you are funded by NSFAS, not only will your studies but also further funding for other expenses. 


With regards to how long NSFAS funds their students, it depends on the duration of your course or degree. Most degrees take about 3 to 4 years, whereas medical degrees for example take up to 7 years. And if you fail one year, NSFAS has granted students an extra year of funding.


Does NSFAS Still Provide Book Vouchers?

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides funding for students at higher education institutions. So does NSFAS still provide book vouchers now that students are using online learning? 


In the past NSFAS has provided book vouchers as part of their funding so that students are able to purchase any books related to their course of study. But now that many universitites are using online learning, will NSFAS still provide book vouchers? 


What is the NSFAS N+2 Rule?

NSFAS N+2 Rule

The rule that NSFAS applies for the length that they fund students is called the N+2 rule. Keep reading to find out what the rule is! 


The rule means that students have N+2 years to finish the degree they have applied for. N refers to the minimum number of years allocated by the institution to complete the qualification a student is registered for. The +2 refers to an additional 2 years that NSFAS includes for the number of years they will fund a student. 




Latest Bursaries

WK Construction awards a number of bursaries, that cover the full cost of studying, to successful candidates in the field of BSc Civil Engineering.

The Pharmaceutical Society Of South Africa (PSSA) is offering bursaries to full-time pharmacy students. Only students registered with a School/Department/Faculty of Pharmacy will be considered.

Students who apply for this bursary must be postgraduate students with a PSSA membership.

Founded in memory of the late Uyinene Mrwetyana, the Uyinene Mrwetyana Scholarship for Women is open for applications. 

The scholarship will be awarded to women students who are pursuing a degree in the Faculty of Humanities at UCT. Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of leadership in social justice and social activism.

Exxaro is inviting full time students to apply for a bursary. Students currently in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th academic year of study can apply for bursary opportunities in the following disciplines:
  • BSc Geology – 2nd academic year

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is offering bursaries to students studying in the following fields:


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