Student Loans


Student loans from recognised banks have become an essential part of achieving tertiary funding for many students. To apply for such education loans, there are a number of things that students would have to provide along with their applications.

Capitec has made student education funding much easier with their credit-for-education option that presents as a student loan. Nonetheless, students can still take out personal loans and are not limited to just an educational loan option.

Capitec bank’s Credit-for-Education has proven a useful alternative student loan option for students who need it. However, the loan option only works for a select set of institutions, and therefore has a number of different means of application according to the different partner institutions.

Applying for student loans can be difficult, especially during a time where things are made to be heavily reliant on the internet and digital devices. Luckily for students looking to apply for a Nedbank student loan, they have laid their application process out in an easy, step by step manner.

Capitec Bank is one of a handful of banks in South Africa that offer students a tertiary funding alternative in the form of a repayable loan. Like many of the other bank loan options available, Capitec student loans cover more than just tuition costs.

Most student loan options allow for the student to apply both in person and online for all convenience. The Absa student loan application is no different, allowing students to submit physical applications as well as make an application via phone.

The Absa study loan is just one of the many available funding options for students who want to pursue tertiary studies. Nevertheless, just like any other loan option, there are requirements that need to be met in order to qualify for this loan option.

As Standard Bank has two separate student loan options, the qualifying criteria for both differ. It is important that a prospective loan applicant understand the distinctions between these two loan options and their requirements.

Standard Bank is one of a number of banks in South Africa that provide a student loan option. They have two student loan types for applicants to choose from, and the application process for both vary slightly.

Any student looking for a student loan might be well aware that FNB is one of a number of banks in South Africa that provides a more-than-adequate student loan option. What students may not know, however, is how to submit an application for this bank loan.

Along with other bank branches, Capitec bank also provides a type of student loan for students who may need it to pursue their studies. The following reveals all the necessities that a student would require to be eligible for a Capitec bank loan.

Nedbank provides students with the necessary financial aid that they require to pursue their studies through their offer of a student loan option. There are, however, a number of requirements to be met to be considered for this loan option.


First National Bank (FNB) is the oldest bank in South Africa and acts as a major banking branch within the country. Currently, FNB and other leading banks also provide the option for taking out student loans, however, there are a number of criteria to be met to qualify for the FNB student loan.

Students who are unable to obtain a bursary, scholarship or government funding often opt for student loans to support their tertiary pursuits. There are a handful of bank branches in South Africa that offer such student loans.

Standard Bank offers a student loan option for all students who do not have alternative university funding options. The following represents a set of requirements that students are to meet to be able to qualify for a student loan from Standard Bank.

South African students have continued to pursue student loans as an alternative to bursaries and government funding schemes such as NSFAS to fund their education. Capitec bank is just one of the many institutions, including other banks, that have begun offering student loans to those in need of funding. 

Student loans are one of the options for student funding that you may be investigating. In this mini series of articles named Pros and Cons, Bursaries Portal outlines the advantages and disadvantages of scholarships, bursaries and student loans. 

When it comes to your education and securing your future, you shouldn't have to worry about how you're going to pay for it. Get credit with Capitec to help you kick-start success. 

What is a Student Loan? A student loan is borrowed money that is repaid over the time once a student has completed their studies and starts a job. In addition to repaying the amount loaned, most loans also require an additional fee called interest.

Are you looking for financial assistance to further your studies? The idea of a student loan may seem intimidating but researching your options will put your mind at ease and help you make an informed decision.

You can choose from a range of public and private entities.