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NSFAS Articles

NSFAS has revealed students' statuses regarding funding. If you have seen your status and have been rejected, here are some reasons why this may have happened. 


NSFAS took to social media to explain possible reasons behind applications being unsuccessful and they are as follows:

If you're a South African student who is looking to study short courses, you may be wondering whether you can be funded by NSFAS. You can keep reading to find out!


If your application to be funded by NSFAS was declined, you can appeal the decision. You can read below to find out how to do that. 

How To Submit An Appeal

New students

NSFAS is a financial aid scheme that supports students with funding for their studies. If you are a NSFAS funded student you may want to know if you need to re-apply for NSFAS every year to recieve funding. You can keep reading to find out! 


NSFAS is a bursary that covers many different expenses, but is a laptop included in a NSFAS bursary? 


NSFAS is a rather popular financial solution should you have trouble paying for your higher education fees. The NSFAS bursary covers so much more than just your tuition fees. The question does stand, do they provide students with laptop as well?


Latest Bursaries

WK Construction awards a number of bursaries, that cover the full cost of studying, to successful candidates in the field of BSc Civil Engineering.

The Pharmaceutical Society Of South Africa (PSSA) is offering bursaries to full-time pharmacy students. Only students registered with a School/Department/Faculty of Pharmacy will be considered.

Students who apply for this bursary must be postgraduate students with a PSSA membership.

Founded in memory of the late Uyinene Mrwetyana, the Uyinene Mrwetyana Scholarship for Women is open for applications. 

The scholarship will be awarded to women students who are pursuing a degree in the Faculty of Humanities at UCT. Applicants will need to demonstrate evidence of leadership in social justice and social activism.

Exxaro is inviting full time students to apply for a bursary. Students currently in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th academic year of study can apply for bursary opportunities in the following disciplines:
  • BSc Geology – 2nd academic year

The Steel and Engineering Industries Federation of Southern Africa (SEIFSA) is offering bursaries to students studying in the following fields:


Latest Bursary Articles

Fundi aims to help students fund their studies in tertiary education. Fundi provides education loans to students that covers a variety of expenses so students can study without financial burden. 


After being approved for funding by Fundi, the next step is your Fundi card. The card is a payment solution which is set up like a debit card. 


If you have failed matric, you may believe there are no options for you. That is not true! Below we have compiled a list of options for you. 


It is important to remember that bad results are not the end of the road. There are always options for you!


Some of your options include:

Are you running putting your studies on hold simply because you cannot afford to pay for it? Looking for ways to fund your studies can be one of the most stressful parts of university, but there are many options for students who are not financially able to fund their own studies. 

Student loan

NRF, National Research Foundation, provides funding for full-time students for their postgraduate studies which they must complete in a fixed number of years. The NRF only funds certain degrees so read below to learn what degrees are funded by the NRF. 


The world nowadays is always changing, and so there are many resources available online. Through the internet, you can access these kinds of resources that would normally not be at your disposal. They can be very helpful. If you keep reading, you can find out more about what kinds of resources you can find. 


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