Everything You Need To Know About Capitec Student Loans



South African students have continued to pursue student loans as an alternative to bursaries and government funding schemes such as NSFAS to fund their education. Capitec bank is just one of the many institutions, including other banks, that have begun offering student loans to those in need of funding. 

Unlike certain bursaries, scholarships and some government funding schemes, student loans such as the one provided by Capitec bank, are always repayable. Since the student is expected to pay a certain amount back, there are a number of requirements that the student will have to meet to ensure that they are not a funding risk to the bank.

The Capitec student loan comes in the form of a ‘credit for education’ solution. This solution only applies to the following colleges:

  • Stadio Higher Education
  • Milpark Education
  • Africa Film Dram Art (AFDA) College
  • Boston City Campus

The following documents are a requirement of application for this credit solution:

  • Invoice/quote from the student’s choice of college between the four listed above
  • Student’s valid South African ID
  • The last three payslips of the person responsible for the loan
  • Bank statement revealing the person’s last three salary deposits

The potential benefits of taking out such a loan are first and foremost because it provides funding for students who would like to pursue private tertiary education, which is typically not eligible for government funding. 

Furthermore, Capitec bank guarantees that the loan is offered at a discounted interest rate, which means less interest will be owed compared to the bank’s other credit products. A loan of up to R250 000 can be taken out for up to 84 months.

The student would have to apply through one of the four different colleges in partnership with Capitec for the loan agreement, and after completing the four steps for application, a Capitec consultant will contact the student within 48 hours of them submitting their application.

For more information on this loan agreement, click here.