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Sakinah is Head of Content at Portal Publishing where she manages content strategy for the company websites, and is passionate about the work she does. With a passion for writing developed at a young age, she is always creating some form of written content at all points in time.

Sakinah completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of the Western Cape majoring in Psychology, English and Philosophy in 2019 and has since expanded her skill set. She also gained an SEO qualification through the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.

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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme aims to grant access to higher education through a NSFAS bursary or a NSFAS loan. One question that has popped up is: will NSFAS fund me if I received a Higher Certificate and want to pursue a degree?

Annually, numerous students seek NSFAS funding; however, not all succeed. NSFAS provides a second opportunity through appeals for those unsuccessful.

NSFAS is expected to provide funding for millions of students in 2024. The amount of allowances students receive is determined by various factors, such as whether they attend classes in person or online.

NSFAS offers extensive funding, along with NSFAS allowances, to deserving students in South Africa. The following are the academic criteria that university students must meet to continue receiving funding.

When applying to tertiary institutions, there is always a concern about how you will pay the tuition. This is when you may come across NSFAS, though there is still some confusion over whether or not NSFAS is a bursary or a loan. 

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme supports access to higher education through NSFAS funding and loans for the missing middle. A common inquiry is whether a student with a partial bursary would be eligible for a NSFAS bursary.

At the start of the school year, students usually have to pay registration fee. However, if you're funded by NSFAS, you won't have to pay those fees, even if the university or TVET College asks for them.

NSFAS has provided information on the functioning of student allowances for private accommodation, outlining the specifics of how financial aid will be allocated for such housing. The financial assistance program has also verified the procedures regarding allowances for private accommodation.

Every year, numerous new students enter the tertiary education system, including those with disabilities. NSFAS has put in place a thorough plan to aid these students, ensuring they enjoy the same educational opportunities as their peers.

Over the next ten months, over a million students are expected to receive financial support from NSFAS. Prior to obtaining NSFAS bursaries, these students must first complete the registration process at a university or a TVET College.

Although NSFAS received numerous loan applications, only a little more than a hundred missing middle students have been granted approval for NSFAS loans. Various factors contribute to this situation.

NSFAS applications are now closed for 2024 bursaries. If your NSFAS application was rejected, you can submit a NSFAS appeal for a second chance.

Nearly two million applications were filed for NSFAS 2024 funding. The financial assistance program has disclosed the number of students approved for funding in the upcoming academic year.

More than one million students could be funded by NSFAS in 2024. This number could increase after the financial aid scheme extended 2024 applications. 

NSFAS offers extensive bursaries to eligible students. The NSFAS allowances that students receive as components of their NSFAS funding will see an increase in 2024, encompassing allowances specifically for Unisa NSFAS beneficiaries.

The Minister of Higher Education has revealed that there will be an increase in NSFAS allowances for the year 2024. He also revealed how much allowances will be for students enrolled in TVET colleges.

The Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, has disclosed the 2024 NSFAS allowance amounts, indicating that there will be an increase in NSFAS allowances.

There is a substantial lack of funding for missing middle and postgraduate students seeking access to tertiary education. The Department of Higher Education has introduced a Comprehensive Student Funding Model with the goal of addressing this issue.

NSFAS applications are currently open for the 2024 academic year. NSFAS funding covers more than just a student's fees with many being surprised that they qualify for this NSFAS bursary.

If you have applied to NSFAS and were asked to complete a consent form so that your application is completed, keep reading to find out how to gain access to it.