Are Fundi Bursaries Available?


If you're in need of funding for your studies, you might be wondering if there are Fundi bursaries available. Fundi offers students a funding alternative to make tertiary education more accessible. 

If you've been wondering whether Fundi offers bursaries, the answer is no, Fundi does not offer bursaries. They only provide student loans and loans for study-related expenses. 

This means, any form of funding received from Fundi will need to be paid back with interest. This is unlike a bursary, which is offered to students based on financial need and academic performance (in some cases). 

In order to apply for a Fundi loan, you will need to get a quote to find out how much the loan you wish to apply for will cost you to repay. You can follow these steps if you wish to apply for a Fundi loan:

1) Visit the Fundi website 

2) Select 'Get A Fundi Loan'. 

3) This will take you to a page with a loan calculator 

4) Type in the value of the loan you want and fill in the remaining boxes and select "calculate installment"

This will give you an estimate of how much money you will have to pay back to Fundi. You can also call or email Fundi to get a quote for your loan.

Tel: 0860 55 55 44

Email: [email protected]