Here Are The Requirements For Seta Bursaries

The South African government has a number of Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta) programmes that are aimed towards skills development. A part of their efforts towards skills development includes issuing student bursaries, but these bursaries have application requirements to be met before they are issued to students.



The government Setas range across multiple different government organisations in attempts towards necessary skills development in each sector. The sectors are dedicated to many essential parts of government organisation, such as health, education, finance, waste, services, and many more.

Many of these sectors issue bursaries to students looking to pursue their studies, and eventually their careers, in those different sectors. Although each Seta will fund different qualifications, and will therefore expect different things, there are a set of requirements that would generally be required of the students who wish to apply for any of the Seta bursaries. These requirements will be applied on more specific terms according to each Seta bursary programme.

The requirements are as follows:

  • The student would have to prove adequate academic performance. The Seta bursary will require that the applicant meet a certain performance percentage to qualify for the bursary, but the percentage will be dependent on the bursary being applied for.
  • The student will have to adhere to a household income threshold. For instance, if the student's gross household income were below R350 000 per annum, they would qualify for being in financial need.
  • The student would have to provide proof of study of any discipline that fits within the scope of work that the Seta bursary for which they would be applying for, covers.
  • The student would have to be a South African citizen and permanent resident.
  • The student would have to have the intention of studying at one of the 26 public institutions of study in the country as listed here.
  • The student would have to be pursuing their undergraduate studies as the bursary will not apply for postgraduate qualifications.

It must again be noted that each sector will have their own expectations and requirements depending on what the student seeks to study. However, the above provides a general outline regarding what is expected of a student who wishes to apply for any Seta bursary. 


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