Do TVET College Students Get Laptops From NSFAS?



Students studying at TVET colleges qualify for loan laptops from NSFAS. Here is how to order your laptop.

The first batch of loan laptops arrived in April 2021 after the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) announced in January that they were expecting the laptop distribution to begin in March.

However, the laptop distribution only took place at public institutions all over South Africa after April.

All students at public tertiary institutions supported by NSFAS qualify for the receipt of loan laptops. Since TVET colleges fall under public tertiary institutions, those students are also eligible for ordering laptops through the bursary.

TVET college students are allowed to order their laptops via the online application portal.

Students funded by NSFAS receive a once-off annual learning material allowance of R5 200 meant for textbooks, learning devices and learning supplies.

NSFAS recommends students not to order a loan laptop if they do not need one. However, if students request a laptop through the bursary, an amount from R3 000 onwards may be deducted from this allowance which goes towards the laptop loan payment.

Registered students approved for funding from NSFAS may order their laptop by following these steps:

Eligible students need the following information to make an order:

  • ID number
  • Student number
  • Contact details
  • Name of the institution where the student is studying.
  • Name of the student’s campus.
  • Home address.