How Do You Check If NSFAS Has Funded You?



Students who apply for their NSFAS bursaries on time, could typically expect to have an application response before their academic year begins. However, given that circumstances may differ in relation to appeals, late applications, reapplications, etc., students should be sure to keep track of their individual application progress, rather than depending on a general NSFAS announcement. 

In order to submit a NSFAS application online, students are required to create a myNSFAS profile. The myNSFAS portal is where students can submit all necessary documentation for their applications and keep track of their application progress.

In order to access your application status:

  • Login on the myNSFAS student portal via this link:
  • Enter your username and password, then click SIGN IN!
  • Click on Track Funding Progress.

Once you have followed these three easy steps, you will be able to see whether you are funded or not. It may take some time for your application to be successful so please be patient.

There are a number of checkpoints that need to be kept track of throughout the aplication process. Once the applicant has successfully passed one, there will be a green tick underneath the checkpoint.

The checkpoints include:

  1. Application submitted
  2. Filtering
  3. Validation
  4. Evaluation
  5. Funding Eligibility
  6. Awaiting Academic Results/Admission
  7. Awaiting Registration
  8. Signing of Agreement

At some of the checkpoints, students might be required to resubmit documents, sign their agreements, and so on, so it is essential that students check their status and emails regularly.