What You As A NSFAS Student Must Know About Celbux



TVET college students receive their NSFAS allowances through their NSFAS Wallet, which is powered through Celbux. Here is what you need to know about Celbux.

Celbux is a platform designed to help individuals easily manage their finances. The platform is completely free, so no need to worry about additional costs while using Celbux.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) uses Celbux to manage its NSFAS Wallet system. The NSFAS Wallet allows TVET college students to access their allowances.

In the past, NSFAS would issue four types of vouchers to students which included learning material, accommodation, transport and food allowances. These vouchers were then changed into cash vouchers. 

The cash vouchers allow students to create a Celbux voucher via their NSFAS Wallet and can then withdraw cash using the voucher by going to any Celbux merchant.

Celbux merchants are simply ATMs for students who make use of the NSFAS Wallet.

NSFAS decided to use Celbux as an alternative to having a bank account. Owning a bank account requires individuals to pay for simple transactions and at some banks, to open a bank account.

To ensure that the platform is accessible, Celbux has made its services free of charge. This means that students can create their NSFAS Wallet and withdraw allowances without paying a fee.

This NSFAS Wallet is secure and protected by a username and password. There is no NSFAS Wallet app as the service is administered by USSD links and a web channel.

Previously the NSFAS Wallet was known as SBux. However, the name SBux is no longer used. When NSFAS moved to cash vouchers, they rebranded SBux to NSFAS Wallet.

Students are encouraged not to share their NSFAS Wallet username and password with anyone.

You may contact NSFAS through the following channels if you have any issues or questions concerning your NSFAS Wallet: