Will NSFAS Cover Wits Courses?



Students hoping to attend Wits or are currently enrolled at the university may be wondering if NSFAS funds the university courses. Here is what they need to know.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a bursary funded by the government available to students who require financial assistance to further their tertiary education.

NSFAS covers courses available at TVET Colleges or public universities. Wits University is a public university and therefore, its students are funded by NSFAS.

Student funding varies from institution to institution, and Wits in particular has its own rules and guidelines for the NSFAS bursary.

New NSFAS students receive the following benefits while studying at Wits:

  • A stipend of R15 000 per annum during their undergraduate degree.
  • A transport allowance of R7 500 is provided to students who have to travel to campus.
  • Learning materials allowance of R5 200 to cover the cost of textbooks, stationery, learning devices and other learning materials.
  • Living allowance of R2 900 per year.
  • Accommodation fees of up to R42 000 per annum.

The university reminds students that they are required to fill out allowance forms to receive these allowances and they will also need a student bank account.

Returning students registered at Wits or any other university during 2017 or before, will not be eligible for full funding from NSFAS. However, these students will receive up to R93 400.

The amount is meant to cover the students’ tuition fees first and then the student may use the balance for any other study costs. These costs may include transport, living expenses, textbooks or learning devices.

Returning students who are still within their NSFAS cap may apply for allowances through the FASO office. These allowances include the following:

  • Students who are living at a self-catering residence may apply for the stipend of R15 000 per year.
  • Students who live at home may apply for a transport allowance of R7 500 and a living allowance of R15 000 per annum.
  • Book allowance of up to R5 200 per year.
  • A living allowance of up to R2 900 per annum.

Students are reminded that NSFAS only covers the cost of Wits accredited accommodation.

Click here to visit the NSFAS website.