What Do Multichoice Bursaries Cover?

The Multichoice bursary option is a great funding alternative for underprivileged students whose passions lie in the fields of science and technology, and television services. This bursary operates similarly to many other bursaries in the country in that it funds more than just tuition fees.



The Multichoice bursary can be used to fund both part-time and full-time studies, however, much like other bursary options, the company is likely to prioritise students who are attempting to study full-time, with very few part-time exceptions.

This bursary is said to be awarded to students pursuing the following degrees: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Digital Media Technologies, Data and Information Science, Information Technology, Information Engineering, Production, Media Planning, Logistics, Event Management, Human Resources, Media, Film or Television Studies and so on.

When it comes to bursary funding, bursars can sometimes choose to pay only part of the students’ study costs. However, if the student were to meet all the strict requirements for funding with the MultiChoice bursary, they may be eligible for a near-full funding for the following costs:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation costs
  • Yearly living allowance (or a monthly stipend)
  • Textbook fees

It is advised that any more queries regarding this bursary program should be addressed directly to MultiChoice at the following email address: talentmanagement@multichoice.co.za  



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