Here's What Your 'Withdrawn' NSFAS Status Means


Once you submit your NSFAS application, it's important that you monitor on the myNSFAS portal to check your NSFAS status. One NSFAS status you might see is 'withdrawn'.


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) offers extensive financial support in the form of scholarships and loans to qualified students who are enrolled in accredited academic programs at public universities or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges.

The financial assistance provided by NSFAS encompasses tuition and registration fees, along with various allowances designed to assist students in meeting the expenses associated with pursuing a tertiary education qualification.

NSFAS funding is in high demand with thousands of students applying for it each year.

This indicates that NSFAS receives applications from over one million students annually.

Upon submission, applicants receive an NSFAS application status, which conveys whether their application was approved or declined. This NSFAS status provides guidance on subsequent steps students need to take to access NSFAS funding.

The financial aid scheme has clarified the meaning of a 'withdrawn' NSFAS status.

What A 'Withdrawn' NSFAS Status Means

If an applicant's NSFAS application status is marked as 'withdrawn,' it indicates that the student has voluntarily pulled back their request for funding. Consequently, NSFAS will not consider the student for financial assistance.

To be eligible for NSFAS consideration, students must submit their funding applications within the official NSFAS application period. Timely submission, along with the inclusion of all necessary documents, is crucial.

During both the application and appeals processes, students must provide precise, comprehensive, and accurate information to NSFAS. Failure to do so may result in the rejection of applications or appeals.

In instances where inaccurate or incomplete data leads to students receiving funds they are not eligible for or being overpaid, NSFAS reserves the right to retract financial aid and recover any excess funds from the student.

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