Where To Look For Music Bursaries


Enrolling for a musical studies course is a pursuit that requires not only talent and passion but also financial support. Fortunately, for aspiring musicians in South Africa, a range of music bursaries are available to help transform their dreams into melodious realities.


A bursary is a form of financial aid provided to deserving students, which normally pays their tuition fees and some cost related to their studies.

Some bursaries many provide students several allowances including transport and accommodation, while other bursaries may only cover a percentage of a student's tuition fees.

Every year South African companies, associations and government departments open up bursaries opportunities to fund tertiary studies for students who need funding.

These bursaries offer a chance to refine skills, enhance knowledge, and create a harmonious future. If you're eager to explore these musical opportunities, here's a guide on where to find music bursaries in South Africa.

Here Are Some Avenues To Explore

Government Departments

Certain government departments, such as the Department of Arts and Culture, may offer funding or bursaries to support the growth of artistic talent in South Africa. Visit their website or contact their offices for information on available opportunities.

The governments bursary - The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides financial assistance to academically deserving and financially needy students throughout the country. Students wanting to pursue music are eligible to apply for funding. 

The NSFAS bursary covers tuition and accommodation fees, transport, and also provides NSFAS allowances for groceries and study materials such as textbooks or laptops.

Educational Institutions

South Africa boasts an array of esteemed universities, colleges, and conservatories that offer music programmes. These institutions often provide scholarships and bursaries to exceptional students.

When researching potential music bursaries, start by exploring the websites of renowned institutions such as the University of Cape Town's South African College of Music or the University of Pretoria's Department of Music.

These institutions frequently update their scholarship and bursary information, outlining application procedures, eligibility criteria, and deadlines.

National Arts Council

The National Arts Council (NAC) of South Africa plays a pivotal role in supporting artists across various disciplines, including music. The NAC offers a range of funding opportunities, grants, and bursaries to aspiring musicians.

Keep a close eye on their website and social media channels for updates on available bursaries and application windows.

SAMRO Foundation

The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) Foundation is committed to nurturing musical talent and advancing the music industry in the region.

The foundation offers bursaries to South African citizens pursuing music studies at an undergraduate or postgraduate level. Their bursaries cover various aspects of music, from performance to composition and research.

Music Festivals and Competitions

Participating in music festivals and competitions not only provides a platform for showcasing your talent but can also lead to valuable bursaries and recognition. Events like the Sasol National Youth Orchestra Course and Festival and the SAMRO Hubert van der Spuy National Music Competition often offer bursaries to outstanding participants.

Music Industry Partnerships

Keep an eye out for partnerships between music industry players and educational institutions. These collaborations often result in bursaries and sponsorships for talented students.

Organizations like the South African Music Performance Rights Association (SAMPRA) and prominent record labels may offer financial assistance or mentorship opportunities.

Bursaries Portal

The Bursaries Portal uploads and updates students on any bursary and other funding opportunities for an array of study fields including music studies. 

The Bursaries Portal regularly updates their databases with a wide range of bursaries, including those specifically focused on music studies. Visit our website for more information on funding opportunities. 

In your pursuit of music bursaries in South Africa, remember that each opportunity may have specific requirements and deadlines.

Be sure to read all instructions carefully, prepare a compelling application, and showcase your musical dedication and passion. With determination, talent, and the right resources, you can turn your musical aspirations into a harmonious reality.

Find the latest bursaries, how to apply for bursaries and any other information you need on bursaries on our website.

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