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Ragheema is an intern writer at Portal Publishing where she writes for The Careers Portal. She studied Journalism at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Ragheema is a Storyteller and News junkie. Her love and passion for writing and broadcasting started at a young age but when she's not writing news stories or working on her personal blog you'll find her in the kitchen, cooking or baking up a storm!

Ragheema's Articles:

NSFAS uses the MyNsfas portal to communicate all funding updates and also allows students to track the progress of their bursary application.

Earlier this month, NSFAS was grilled in Parliament by the Portfolio Committee for Higher Education over several student funding issues, particularly the scheme’s new direct payment system.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides funding to thousands of deserving students. Individuals can now apply to be funded by NSFAS as the scheme opened Trimester 3 applications. 

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides comprehensive bursaries to deserving students at public tertiary educational institutions in South Africa, which includes Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. NSFAS has now released a statement with an update on NSFAS allowances.

Access to higher education is often hindered by financial barriers, leaving thousands of students unable to pursue their dreams. If you are part of the missing middle in South Africa, then you should apply for the ISFAP bursary.

Enrolling for a musical studies course is a pursuit that requires not only talent and passion but also financial support. Fortunately, for aspiring musicians in South Africa, a range of music bursaries are available to help transform their dreams into melodious realities.

More than one million students currently receive comprehensive bursaries from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. However, several challenges are preventing students from accessing their bursaries and NSFAS allowances. 

With the cost of tertiary education in South Africa always increasing, students apply for bursaries each year in the hopes of securing funding to pay their tuition fees. Prospective students are always advised to look out for any funding opportunities.

The implementation of a new direct payment system by the National Financial Aid Scheme has caused a lot of tension within the higher education space and has also been at the centre of recent student protests taking place across the country.

Dance bursaries play a crucial role in supporting the development and advancement of talented dancers. If you're pursing dance education and need funding, it is important to know which avenues are available for you to explore. 

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of film and media, access to quality education and training can be a game-changer for aspiring filmmakers, journalists, and media professionals in South Africa. 

As the academic year races forward, South African students enrolled at public colleges have a limited window of opportunity to apply for the NSFA Semester 2 funding. Students are encouraged to apply as the deadline looms.

Don't be left in the dark about your SASSA grant payment status. The Sassa R350 grant is very valuable for many people. Read this guide to get all the latest SASSA updates and advice on how to check your payment status.  

Millions of individuals living in South Africa rely on government assistance every month, this is why SASSA provides a range of benefits and services to eligible candidates. Find out more about SASSA R350 grant payments in the article below. 

Students funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme have raised many concerns about the new direct banking system implemented by the scheme. Issues around the payments have reached student organisations saying the service charges are a major concern.

Every year thousands of higher education students apply for funding from the government’s bursary scheme. These applicants must meet specific requirements and criteria in order to be funded by the bursary scheme. 

NSFAS is set to fund over 1 million deserving students for the 2023 academic year. These students not only receive funding to cover their tuition and registration fees, but several other allowances, including a monthly living allowance.

Every year, thousands of students apply for funding from the government’s bursary scheme. If you’ve submitted an application, it is important to keep track of the status of your application as they may require additional information from you.

With the cost of tertiary education in South Africa always increasing, thousands of students who cannot afford university or college fees are unable to access higher education. Prospective students are always advised to look out for any funding opportunities.

While pursuing postgraduate studies can offer numerous benefits, these courses can also be expensive. Applying for a bursary to cover your study costs is always a good choice for students who need financial assistance.