Government Bursaries You Can Apply For Every Year


Thousands of students living in South Africa rely on government funding to pay their study fees. If you’re looking for government funding, find out below which bursaries are offered every year.


There are many departments within the South African government that offer annual bursary opportunities in various industries for students across the country.  

Government bursaries are provided to students who either excel academically or to deserving students who cannot afford further education.

Government funding usually covers the following fees:

  • Registration fees
  • Tuition
  • Meals and living expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Books and study materials

These bursaries can either form part of a national or provincial funding plan. Provincial government bursaries are often only available to students who reside in the specific province.  

For example, If you are an Eastern Cape resident, you can apply for the Eastern Cape Department of Health Bursary that is offered to medical students.

Here’s 10 Government Bursaries Offered Annually:

  • National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)
  • Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary
  • Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) Bursary 
  • Thuthuka Bursary
  • Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP)
  • South African Reserve Bank Bursary
  • Department Of Health Bursary (offered by various provincial health departments)
  • Masakh’iSizwe Bursary
  • Compensation Fund Bursary
  • National Treasury Bursary

Although most government bursaries don’t need to be paid back, some bursaries may stipulate that students have to pay back in the form of service. For example, recipients of the Funza Lushaka Teaching Bursary might have to teach at government schools for a number of years after they graduate.

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