Where To Find Dance Bursaries


Dance bursaries play a crucial role in supporting the development and advancement of talented dancers. If you're pursing dance education and need funding, it is important to know which avenues are available for you to explore. 


Dance education can take place in various settings, such as schools, dance studios, community centers, and colleges or universities. However, dance education and training courses and programmes can be expensive, making it challenging for many aspiring dancers, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to pursue their passion.  

Bursaries provide financial assistance, ensuring that talented individuals have access to quality dance education and training regardless of their financial circumstances.

Finding dance bursaries in South Africa can be done through various sources, including government departments, arts organizations, private companies, and educational institutions.

Looking For A Bursary?

Finding dance bursaries in South Africa requires thorough research and keeping an eye on various sources.

Here are some key avenues where you can look for dance bursaries:

National Arts Council (NAC)

The NAC offers funding and bursaries to support the development of arts and culture in South Africa, including dance. Visit their website or contact their offices for information on available dance bursaries.

Arts and Culture Departments

Provincial or municipal arts and culture departments may also provide funding opportunities or bursaries for dance students in their respective regions.

Dance Schools and Studios

Some private dance schools and studios in South Africa offer scholarships or bursaries to talented and dedicated dancers. Check with well-known dance institutions in your area for potential opportunities.

Universities and Colleges

Some universities and colleges in South Africa that offer dance programs or performing arts degrees may provide bursaries or scholarships to dance students. Check with the dance or performing arts departments at these institutions for information on available funding.

Dance Companies and Organizations

 Professional dance companies and organizations, such as the South African Ballet Theatre or the Dance Umbrella Festival, may offer bursaries or financial support to aspiring dancers. Visit their websites or contact them directly to inquire about any available opportunities.

Corporate Sponsorships

Some private companies in South Africa might have corporate social responsibility programs that include supporting the arts and culture sector. Reach out to companies in your area or industry to explore potential dance bursaries.

Online Scholarship/Bursary Databases

Use online scholarship search engines and databases that include opportunities for South African students in the arts. These platforms may list dance-specific bursaries or arts-related funding opportunities.

Bursaries Portal

The Bursaries Portal uploads and updates students on any bursary and other funding opportunities for an array of study fields including dance studies. Visit our website for more information on funding opportunities. 

It's important to note that the availability, criteria, and application processes for dance bursaries may vary from year to year.

When searching for dance bursaries, be sure to verify the application deadlines, eligibility criteria, and any specific requirements for the application process. Some bursaries may have auditions or portfolio submissions as part of the selection process.

It's also beneficial to reach out to the organizations or institutions offering the bursaries for any additional information or guidance.

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